11 Ways to Use Trash Bags During an Emergency

Sometimes the best emergency supplies are also the most unlikely materials. One of the most important items you can add to your bug out bag is a handful of heavy duty trash bags. You will be amazed at how many uses a trash bag can have when you are stuck out in the wilderness. Here are 11 ways to use trash bags during an emergency.

1. Stay Warm

Hypothermia is a deadly problem, but it is a real risk if you are stuck outdoors during the winter months. Use a trash bag to insulate your body and stay warm outdoors by cutting out a hole for your head and wearing the bag over your clothing. You can also cut it at the seams to create one large blanket to wrap up in to help hold in your body heat.

2. Waterproof Bandages

If you sustain an injury, treat it carefully with the appropriate first aid techniques and cover it in a bandage. Use the trash bag on top of the bandage to waterproof the area and keep out moisture and bacteria that could be lurking around you.

3. Water Collection 

A clean trash bag is the perfect way to collect water from a nearby stream and transport it back to the campsite. You could also line a hole in the ground with the trash bag to collect rain water.

4. Makeshift Shower

Fill up the trash bag with water and hang it overhead from a tree branch. Poke some small holes in the bottom and you have an instant shower. If you leave the bag of water out in the sun for a few hours, the water will heat up and you can enjoy your very own custom solar shower.

5. Ice Pack 

Use a trash bag to hold snow or cold water and tie it off to make an instant cold pack. Apply the pack to injuries or sore muscles.

6. Food Storage 

Use the trash bags to collect and store food that you forage in the wilderness. It’s a great way to carry your food so you can load up on edible plants when you find them.

7. Instant Tent

Cut the bag down the sides and you can make an instant tarp tent to create a makeshift shelter in an emergency. Always carry paracord in your bug out bag so you can secure the tent in place.

8. Ground Cover

Before you pitch your tent or build a shelter, use trash bags to line the ground. It will add extra insulation from cold and waterproof the space so you can stay dry.

9. Rain Poncho

Cut out a hole for your head and wear the trash bag over your clothing as a rain poncho. You can even wear it over your backpack to keep supplies dry in the rain.

10. Waterproof Shoes

Cover your boots or even bare feet with trash bags and tie them tightly to secure them in place. This will keep your feet dry and warm even when walking through swampy grounds and wet areas.

11. Sleeping Bag

Stuff the trash bag full of leaves and climb inside for extra insulation to stay warm at night. You could also fill several bags full of leaves or straw and then sleep on top, treating it like a mattress.

Pick up a bag of heavy duty trash bags today so you will be prepared for any emergency. This is one of the most versatile and effective supplies you can add to your survival staples.

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