10 Supplies Everyone Will Want After Disaster Strikes

When you find yourself in survival mode, certain items are going to be in high demand, and the supply may not be able to keep up. Recently, my area was faced with three separate instances where the water supply was low. People were scrambling to get to local stores to purchase bottled water, and it was a little chaotic. Residents weren’t prepared to be without running water, much less having to boil it before drinking once the water was back on. It was an eye opener for many people about the importance of being prepared, especially since our area is on a fault line, and should we have a major earthquake, it would be a panic to obtain many supplies.

Fortunately, you can get ahead of the game by stocking up on some of the most sought after items now, before disaster strikes. Here are ten things you can guarantee will be in high demand when the SHTF.

Feminine Products

This is something that many women will find themselves in need of post-disaster, and most probably won’t have a large stash. The majority of women I know only buy for their current cycle, and do not stockpile pads and tampons. These products will be in high demand, not just for their intended use, but for other first aid jobs. Consider getting pads and tampons, and even products for urine incontinence in several sizes and keep them put back, not just for yourself, but for others.

Bottled Water

Like I mentioned before, you and I both know that a lot of people don’t keep bottled water stored at home. Some may buy enough for them to drink while on the go through the week, but I would be willing to wager they don’t have enough to last their family several days should their water supply be cut off. You can easily add a case of water or two to your weekly shopping list for about three dollars each, and after several weeks, you will have enough to get your family through 48-72 hours. If you have the space, you can store a lot of both the bottles and gallon jugs.


A good emergency food stockpile is a must for every home. The truth is, most people aren’t prepared with that type of stash, and if they were in a situation where stores were closed, or they were just unable to get to them (like after a hurricane where there are downed trees and power lines). A good rule of thumb is to have enough food to get everyone in your home through at least 72 hours, and possibly longer. If you don’t currently have a food stockpile, you can start by adding a few extra canned food items into your grocery cart each week. Be intentional about things you purchase, and watch the expiration dates carefully. This is one thing you will be so glad you stocked up on ahead of time.


If you have to start growing your own produce after a disaster, you’re going to need some seeds or seedlings to get going. I would recommend purchasing (or having a friend who gardens save you some) heirloom seeds  to plant when the time is right. Heirloom seeds are the best option as they are not a hybrid seed.

Wagon, Cart, or Wheelbarrow

If you find yourself having to travel on foot to get around town, or even around your property, with a heavy load, you’re going to want something sturdy and reliable to haul things in. Consider getting a wagon or some sort of cart that you can use for everything from hauling trash to the compost to transporting a person.

Sewing Supplies

Now, I know that most of us don’t actually make all our clothes, but when the SHTF, you aren’t going to be able to run down to the store and buy new clothes or socks whenever something tears up. You are going to have to repair it yourself. Start now putting together a sewing kit with all the essentials, and learn to do basic tasks like sewing on a button or patching the knees of pants by hand. You may not have power to use an electric machine, so knowing how to do it old school will be very handy.

Baking Supplies

When building your food stockpile, don’t leave out things like flour, sugar, and yeast. They are essentials if you are going to be cooking from scratch, especially baking. They are also fairly inexpensive at the present with holiday baking season upon us, so now would be a great time to build up your stash. Store them in an airtight container, like a rubber storage tote to keep bugs from getting to them.

Over the Counter Medicines

Another thing that will be high in demand and short on supply could be over the counter medications like pain relievers, cold medicine, and allergy medications. You should definitely have a full first aid kit alongside your other emergency preps that has all of these items, as well as things like anti-nausea meds, cough drops, and even several thermometers.


Like feminine products, diapers are another item that will go quickly from store shelves. If you have an infant in your home, or have relatives that do, tell them to stock up now on larger diaper sizes, and baby wipes. Even if they aren’t the right size for your baby or toddler now, you can trade them for other items, or have some ready to go when your baby is ready. Baby wipes can be used by everyone in the family for a quick cleanup if bathing isn’t an option.

Cooking Oils

Another pantry item you’ll want to have plenty of is cooking oil. Obviously, you can use it for things like frying and sautéing foods, but you can also use certain kinds in baking, and some oils like coconut oil or olive oil can be used to soothe dry skin. Store several kinds of oils in your emergency food stash if you are able. It can also be a valuable bartering tool.

These are just some of the things you’ll want to be sure to have on hand ahead of a disaster. The last thing you want to do is be forced to pay gouged prices or go without needed items, which is why it’s important to stock up before crisis strikes.

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