Top 5 Reasons Why Prepper Bug In

When disaster strikes, most people think of leaving the area, and heading to a safer location – they think of “bugging out.” Some would argue if a situation is bad, then you need to get out of the area ASAP, but that’s not always feasible or practical, and if you leave, there a whole host of issues and logistics to consider when you leave your home unattended for an indefinite period of time after a disaster. In many scenarios, that could be a good option. But it should probably be the last option. Did you consider riding things out in your own home? In a lot of cases, there are good reasons when you should consider staying put and “bugging in.” There are many positives to staying home when you’re in survival mode and here are 5 of them.

You Know Where Everything Is

This is key in a post-disaster situation. If you stay home and bug in, you’re going to know exactly where all of your items are located. You’re familiar with your home and property, and you know how things work. You know the layout of your neighborhood, and who lives there – and who should not be there. (This could prove very helpful if looters or intruders try to gain access to other properties, or even your own). If you stay home, you’ll have access to all the things you can’t pack in a vehicle or bug out bag – things like tools, extra clothes and blankets, and permanent shelter.

People Know Where You Are

If you stay put – your family and friends will know where to look immediately if they need to find you following a disaster situation. They can avoid hours of worry and trying to track you down if they know your first plan in an emergency is to be at home. It’s also a good plan for your family to arrange to meet at home if at all possible as a first option rather than trying to converge at a place some distance away.

Better Protection

Staying home has its advantages when it comes to protecting your property and family. You would be able to have a bigger supply of ammunition and weapons at your disposal – more so that if you were dependent on what you could carry on you or in a bug out bag. You would know the fastest way to get out of the house if there were imminent danger, or where to put your family if an attack were underway. Being in familiar surroundings also offers an advantage in that you would be able to recognize an escape route from the home or from the area should you need one.

Peace of Mind

Being at home just brings people comfort. If you’re already in a stressful survival situation following a disaster, wouldn’t it be nice to know you were able to stay in your own home? This is particularly true for children and the elderly – being in a familiar, comfortable place will lower their stress level, and bring a sense of calm to an otherwise tense situation.

Cost Effective

Staying home just costs less than trying to evacuate or find alternate lodging after a disaster. You don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to stay, the expense of trying to buy gas and food on the road (often which spikes in price after a disaster), and other things. If you stay home, chances are you have a stocked fridge and pantry (and maybe even a garden and freezer), as well as the comfort of staying in your own home, which you don’t have to pay extra for. You also don’t have to worry as much about your pets and livestock animals (if you have them) by staying put – you are there to care for them and help protect them from predators, and you don’t have to board domestic animals.

As you can see, there are many reasons to think about “bugging in” after a disaster. It might seem a little bit scary if everyone else is leaving, but if you let sound judgment and preparedness be your guide, you might be much better off staying at home.

Does your family plan to bug in or bug out if SHTF?

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