Your Home is Your Fortress: Choose Carefully Who Enters During a Crisis

It’s been three weeks since disaster hit and your family has been holed up in your safe room, riding out the crisis. You were prepared with food, water, and plenty of supplies, but you know that the outside world wasn’t so lucky. You find yourself thinking of all of your extended family members that laughed when they figured out you were a “prepper”. You think of your friends and your neighbors. You remember hearing gunshots last night, but you aren’t sure where they came from or who they were aimed at. Are your loved ones still alive? Are they starving to death?

Later that night, you hear a hard pounding on the door. You grab your shotgun and instruct your family to stay in the safe room and be completely silent. You run upstairs and peak out of a bedroom window. There is a familiar shape in the driveway… it’s your brother’s Jeep Wrangler. Your eyes move to the door and you see him, his girlfriend, and her four children huddled on the doorstep. He is still pounding on the door. You remember your last conversation with him.

You were watching the football game and went out to the garage to grab another palate of water bottles. He followed and his eyes grew wide at the walls lined in shelves, covered in food and medical supplies. Then he studied the rain barrels and started laughing. “You’re one of those nuts like on National Geographic. What are you prepping for? A Zombie Apocalypse?!” His laughter is still fresh in your memory when the loud knocks on the door bring you back to the present moment. I bet he isn’t laughing now. But the real question is… do you let him in?

As preppers, we all know that this situation could eventually be reality. While the vast majority is busy living for today and have no thought of preparing for a disaster, you have done the hard work. You know that your family is prepared, but there are so many others that you love and they are not. When that knock comes to your door, what will you do?

Don’t Broadcast Your Prepping Lifestyle

This dilemma is the driving force that makes most preppers extremely secretive. We don’t want to face the impossible choice. While we have enough food stored to sustain our immediate family for a while, it will run out quickly if we start trying to support our friends that didn’t prepare. But how will we turn them away when we know the fate that will follow? If they don’t know we are preparing, then maybe that knock will never come. At least that is our hope.

On the flip side, we also have to realize that desperation will make people do things they never would have imagined in the past. If your neighbors know you are a prepper and they run out of food, they might be tempted to raid your home at night to get the supplies they need, even if they have to kill to get what’s needed. So a huge element of being a smart prepper is understanding that your home is your fortress and part of protecting it is to keep the inner chambers a secret.

Where Do You Draw the Line?

As uncomfortable as it might be, you need to think through these scenarios now and have a family agreement on who you would help and who you would turn away. Will you let your in-laws come inside? What about siblings and their spouses? What about your neighbors? Your best friend? It seems like an impossible choice, but it’s better to make it now so you won’t be tempted to waver in a crisis.

Once you decide, you have to prepare with that exact number of people in mind. Don’t wait for the knock on the door. Make a plan now and then you can protect your family and your resources when disaster strikes.

How would you handle this situation? Who would you let inside?

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