DIY Survival Toilet

The luxury of having a working bathroom is something we often take for granted, but what would you do if you found yourself in a SHTF situation where your home bathroom was basically rendered useless? Without running water and working sewer systems, you will have to find another way to deal with this important part of human life. While you could build an outhouse like people did many years ago, another option is to make your own DIY emergency toilet. This is perfect for survival situations or to take along on camping trips if you have kids that don’t love the idea of doing their business out in the woods.

What You Need

Building a DIY toilet only requires a few simple, inexpensive supplies. First, you need a sturdy five gallon bucket, some heavy duty garbage bags, and a bag of kitty litter. For comfort’s sake, you will want to invest in a toilet seat that will fit the top of your bucket, plus plenty of toilet paper!

How to Build Your Emergency Toilet

Making the toilet is fairly simple. Just remove the metal handle from you bucket and thread the roll of toilet paper on. Then reattach the handle to your bucket. This is the perfect way to keep your toilet paper right with the toilet so you aren’t scrambling around to find it when nature calls. Next, place a heavy duty trash bag into the bucket and tie it on the side to make it fight tightly on top. Place the kitty litter in a waterproof container and keep it near your emergency toilet at all times. Finally, place your toilet seat on top of the bucket and you are ready to go!

Put it to Use 

Now that your emergency toilet is assembled, it’s time to put it to use. Just sit on the toilet seat as you normally would and when you are finished, take a scoop of kitty litter and dump it in to cover the waste. This will cut down on odors and keep you from making multiple trips to empty the bag before it is really full. Once your toilet has been used a few times, it’s time to take out the bag and tie it tightly shut. Then bury it a safe distance from your water source.

Other Things to Consider 

Before you are in an urgent situation, you need to give some thought to where you will place your emergency toilet. If you are at home, you probably don’t want to keep it indoors. Even with the kitty litter to help with odors, the stench can still be noticeable in hot weather. A better option is to place your makeshift toilet in the garage or in a private area outdoors.

Another option is to modify your DIY toilet design by replacing the toilet seat with a pool noodle. Just cut the Styrofoam noodle to size and then cut a slit in the bottom where it can attach to the top of your bucket. This is a surprisingly comfortable toilet seat that is very inexpensive, but it’s not the best long term solution because the noodle does tend to split and break over time.

Have you ever thought about how you would handle the bathroom situation in a SHTF situation? What is your plan?

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