How to Choose a Storage Facility for your SHTF Supplies

We don’t all have a huge bunker to store all of our emergency preps. Some people have a basement or storage building on their property where they can safely store their items, but others, like those who live in urban areas or an apartment, may not have a lot of room, and have to store their prep items at another location. If you are looking to choose a storage facility for your SHTF preps, here are some things to consider.

Location, Location, Location

Is the facility easy to get to from your home, and even from your workplace? You need to know that if you had to, you could walk there quickly. You don’t want something that is miles and miles from either of these locations, and could be difficult to get to in a hurry. Another thing to think about is the actual location of your unit at the storage facility. Is it all on one level? If not, can you navigate the stairs while carrying potentially heavy emergency kits or other supplies? You might have to do that in disaster, and you need to think that through if choosing an upper level unit.

Climate Control

If you are storing preps like food, water, and even ammo or first aid items, you may want to choose a place that is climate controlled, so that your items aren’t exposed to extreme heat and cold weather conditions. The fluctuation in temperature alone could ruin many of those items you have worked so hard to store. It might cost you a little extra to pay for a climate controlled facility, but if you weigh that against the cost of having to replace spoiled food or medical items.

Size and Cost of a Storage Unit

This is going to vary per person based on your needs and the amount of stuff you have to store. If you live alone, a 5×5 unit may suit you just fine, while a family of 6 may need something double that size. The size unit you choose may also affect how much it costs you per month. It might be worth it for you to go in with a family member or neighbor if you both have items to store but don’t want to justify the monthly cost of a unit just for yourself. Sometimes new customers can get a deal like a free month or a discount for referring other customers.


Is your storage facility secure? Do they have security cameras? Is it in a good neighborhood? Who all can have a key to your unit? You don’t want to take a chance with your valuable preps being stolen. You may not have a choice about what storage facility you use, but if you do, please choose one that is secure. A lot of facilities require you to buy one of their locks, instead of bringing your own, so definitely check on that, too.

These are just some of the things to consider when choosing a storage facility. They can be a wonderful asset when you need a place to keep your emergency gear safe and secure.

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