Bugging In During a Pandemic

Undoubtedly you are well aware of the idea of bugging out. However there are many people that are not capable of leaving there home for another location or, due to the SHTF scenario, such as a pandemic, they are choosing to bug in and stay in their home. The realities associated with bugging in are very serious and they need to be understood. Staying at home is not as easy as some would have you think and it does not mean that life is going to go on as usual. In the event of a pandemic, such as the wild spread of Ebola, you are not only going to stay at home but you are going to stay IN your home.

When preparing a checklist for the items that you would need to bug out, you are also making an appropriate list for bugging in. the only issue here that you need to keep in mind is that you are going to be stuck in your home for an extended period of time. This will require that you have plenty of food, water, heating oil/fire wood, as well as some entertainment. While I am not usually that big on the idea of packing up some board games, when it comes to staying around the house I will gladly welcome a distraction from the non stop questions and overall loudness of the kids.

So the real question that needs to be answered is how do you bug in to your own home? It all starts with common sense. In the event of a pandemic such as Ebola, or any other virus, the best way to stop the spread of the illness is to stay isolated. While the United States government continues to say that isolation does nothing to stop the spread of these diseases, we are still seeing hundreds of people here in the United States that are being isolated over fear of the spreading Ebola virus. Do not think for a moment that isolation is a bad thing. It is a necessity.

Once you have come to the conclusion that you are going to stay in your home and ride out any SHTF pandemic there are some steps that you need to take. Keep in mind that your home, no matter how well built, is not airtight. This means that there are spaces in your home, either around doors, windows, or even in the floor or attic, that will allow outside air to enter your home. So in order to safely bug in you are going to need to make sure that you properly seal your home from the outside. This will require several key elements. You are going to need rolls of plastic and lots of duct tape/painters tape.

The idea here is to completely cover every window and door with the plastic. Make sure that the plastic covers the window/door as and then continues for several inches onto the wall. Once you have the plastic cut to the proper size you simply have to secure the plastic with tape. Make sure that the plastic does not have a hole or else all your work is done in vane. This is the first step that I would suggest but it does not mean that your work is done. While it might be nice to have your home completely sealed you are still going to be in need of fresh air. This is why you are going to need a serious air filtration system.

When it comes to HVAC systems that can handle nuclear, biological, or chemical issues the cost can be very high. There are some spots on the Internet that will tell you that you can make a home air filter system by using a “shop-vac” and a HEPA filter. In all honesty this isn’t the worst idea but it is not the most efficient or effective. Not only is this a very loud air filter but it will be a very costly air filter since it will need to run almost all the time. If you are serious about your bugging in then it might not be a bad idea to research an N.B.C filter. They can be expensive but they are also the best that money can buy.

Of course after you manage to secure your homes air situation you are then going to need to decide who gets what and how much rationing you are going to have to do. This is where preparation really kicks in. once the home has been sealed you are no longer going to be coming and going. You are in for the long haul. So you need to make sure that you have adequate supplies of water, food, medical supplies/medicine, as well as any other items that you might be interested in having. Odds are that you will not lose power in this type of situation, unless the whole country falls victim to the pathogen and then…well like the rest of us you would be on your on.

Another topic that you might not be aware of at the moment is the daily mail. Unless you handle all of your bills and banking through the Internet then you are going to have mail coming in all the time. In order to pay your bills and to keep the power on and the water flowing, you need to have a back up plan for how to handle this situation. We would recommend having backup generators, of course. However it might not be a bad idea to handle your entire bill paying and banking through online means.

So you want to bug in? it can be done and it can be done well. The key is proper prep. Will you bug if if SHTF?

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