10 Things to Look For In a Tent

Camping has become a great way to not only spend time with your family, but to also brush up on your survival skills. Obviously a camping situation is a controlled environment, at least somewhat, but it does offer the opportunity to get better acquainted with living off the land. Searching for water, food, and perhaps even medicine are great skills that can come from spending time in the outdoors. However, it is very likely that your outdoor adventure will also include an overnight stay. With that in mind, let’s examine the 10 things you need to look for when purchasing a tent.

What Size Tent Is Best?

If you are simply planning a trip that will have you in one particular place, a tent is going to be necessary. The first thing you need to determine will be the number of people that will be camping with you. If you have 4 people then you will be tempted to purchase a 4-person tent. Keep in mind that this will not leave much room for storage of your belongings. It is usually best to use a tent that is somewhat bigger than needed so that you will have additional room for storage. This is especially needed when the weather turns wet.

Further, you might be interested in a tent that offers multiple rooms. These tents are large and they can be somewhat difficult to setup. However they will offer a more luxurious environment as well as a bit of privacy when you need it. Always remember that a larger tent will require more time to set up and to tear down. Plan accordingly.

What Style Poles Are Best?

When it comes to the structure of a tent, there are several different materials that you could choose to use. Some tents will have fiberglass poles whereas others will use aluminum, or even plastic. The best pole structures are the ones made from aluminum. Not only are they stronger but they will last for a longer period of time.

What About Rain?

Not every tent will come equipped with a rainfly. The rainfly is the umbrella that covers your tent. When purchasing a tent it is always a good idea to select a tent that has a rainfly. Remember, the bigger the canopy the better off you will be in the rain.

What Type Of Structure Is Best?

Not all tents are made the same. Some will be made with plastic and others will be made of canvas. Likewise, some tents will be glued together and others will be stitched. Always look for a tent that has been double stitched in the seams. Further, it is also a good idea to find a tent that has had the seams folded and essentially hidden. If you can see through the seams, it will leak in the rain.

Is The Floor Important?

The floor of your prospective tent needs to be waterproof. This means that you need to make sure that the tent floor is made of a waterproof material. You also need to inspect the stitching on the floor. The floor should actually rise 3-4 inches up the wall before it is stitched to the wall itself.

Are Guy Lines Important?

First, guy lines are small loops that are sown into the tent itself. These loops allow the sides of the tent to be pulled tight. This is very important since it is downright impossible to sleep in a tent that is flapping in the wind and rain. Look for a tent that has guy lines.

Look For Solid Stake Loops

Every tent will need to be secured to the ground. In some cases you will find that a tent has small, plastic tie downs. This is a poor quality issue that could result in your tent falling in the wind or rain. Always look for tents that have solid and strong stake loops.

Have You Considered Bugs?

Most people will camp during the warmer months of spring and summer. While this is usually the best time to do your camping, it is also the height of mosquito season. Plus, there are plenty of other bugs that would like to get in your tent and feast on your food or you. Always look for a tent that has mesh screening. Typically this screen will zip and be behind the door of the tent.


When you cram several people into a tent you are going to have heat and possibly odor issues. The best offense is a good defense. Always look for a tent that has a roof vent. This will allow for adequate ventilation.

Zippers Are Important

Your tent will be used for years to come. During the times when the tent is being used, you will enter and exit quite a bit. This means that your zipper needs to be strong and durable. Always look for heavy duty zippers.

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