Why Women Should Embrace Concealed Carry

I understand that this is a hot topic these days. There are millions of people that have almost as many opinions regarding guns and the ways they are used. Allow me to explain up front what I think about guns. I love guns. I have no issue with guns. I think guns are great weapons, tools, and they are useful in a plethora of situations. I also think that there are horrible scenarios that involve guns. Does this mean that my second amendment rights should be trashed? No way.

Guns have always been a part of the American life and they should continue. With that being said the question now turns to women and their need to conceal carry. Do you carry? Are you packing? If you are not carrying then I would like to share a few details with you that will hopefully change your mind.

Now before we get going lets examine this in a different light. Most women, if they are like me, will look at this situation the same. Most ladies think that there are 3 main types of women when it comes to guns. There is the Rambo princess who loves guns and can talk all day about every aspect of her gun and her ammo. Then there is the paranoid lady who thinks a rapist or burglar is lurking behind every tree. The final is the lady that is always being hounded by her spouse to carry.

I was the third lady. My husband has been after me for years to get my concealed carry permit and I was always hesitant. I finally gave in a few months back and since then I have noticed a few things that I wanted to share with you here. In fact, here are a few reasons why I think ALL women should conceal carry.

  1. You Will Be Prepared For Emergencies

When I say emergencies I am not talking about a terror attack but rather a mugging or a potential car jacking or a rape. These issues happen everyday and they best defense is a great offense. Further, you will be prepared to help others in the event that they are under attack. Most people are not armed and cannot offer the type of protection that you can. Plus, when you call a cop, what do they bring that most people do not have? A gun.

  1. You Will Be More Aware

I noticed after receiving my permit that I was always paying closer attention to my surroundings. I never did this before but now that I am packing a gun I am always looking around and analyzing the environments that I enter. I am not saying that a gun will make you Captain Obvious, but I am saying that it will help you see more clearly the real life issues that surround us every day.

  1. Confidence Boost

It almost goes without saying but carrying a gun has made me a much more confidant woman. I am no longer scared to walk in certain areas and I am not fearful about walking through parking lots. I understand how to handle my piece and I know that I am prepared. This gives me great confidence that I will be just fine!

  1. Your Family Feels Safer

Okay, this is actually a 2-part issue. First, your family is going to feel safer knowing that a person that has passed a gun safety class as well as a shooting class stands by them. Your family will feel safer knowing that a trained gun owner protects them. Now the second part is this. Your spouse/kids will feel much better about you being alone. When you go shopping y yourself or when you are home alone, your family will be much more relaxed knowing that you have the tools and the skills to protect yourself.

  1. Easy To Carry

Guns are so much smaller these days. I have learned that I can carry my weapon and not one single person will ever know it unless I tell them. I do not have to keep it in the glove box and it does not leave a huge bulge in my clothes. In fact, I actually have a holster that keeps the pistol between my breasts. I don’t always use this holster but I simply want you to understand how easy they are to carry.

I understand that guns are not everybody’s cup of tea. I also understand that some people are just politically opposed to guns. But I would like to say this. We are all in favor of living. Guns, when used properly and when used by law-abiding citizens, are not dangerous and they pose no threat to others who are abiding by the law.

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