Top 5 Ways for Women to Carry a Concealed Weapon

Carrying a concealed weapon is an important right that we have as Americans. There are a lot of reasons to get a concealed carry permit, but chief among them is for protection in case of an attack. As a woman, I have to chuckle a little when I read articles or see commercials about “rape whistles” and pepper spray. Forget that… if someone attacks this chick, I’m packing heat!

In all seriousness, carrying a concealed weapon is important for me to protect myself, but even more importantly, my children. The only real question is where I should actually carry it on my body. Unfortunately, most holsters are made for men and they look bulky and obvious on my short frame. It is hard to find a good way to manage my concealed carry, but I found five great options that I use on a regular basis. Hopefully, these will help you with your concealed carry woes too!

1. Purse Defender

PurseDefenderIf you’ve looked at many concealed carry purses, you know they are usually hideous. That’s why I love the Purse Defender. It actually slips inside any purse so you can just use the bags you already have. It is made with a Velcro lined panel and a handcrafted holster to fit securely and stay totally stabilized. It won’t cause your pocketbook to tip over and the gun won’t accidentally show or tumble out. The Purse Defender keeps it locked in place, totally secure, and ready to use if you need it.

2. Flashbang Bra Holster

A second great option for women is the Flashbang bra holster. Essentially, this is a molded plastic holster that snaps over the middle of your bra where the two cups are connected. It’s fully adjustable; the holster’s leather strap has little holes like a belt where you can adjust the length. That means you can make it work with all of your bras with a little adjusting.

The big question is whether it is comfortable enough to wear and does it show through your clothes? The first time I wore it, I felt a little weird but it was mostly just psychological. I had this internal fear that I would move wrong and somehow blow away my ta-ta’s, but I’m happy to report that they survived! After an hour or two, I was used to it and didn’t even notice it was there. I was wearing a looser top so you couldn’t tell I had it on, but I think it would still be discreet even if I were wearing a fitted top.

The key to this holster being well hidden is the size of the woman wearing it. If you are small busted, it will be a little easier to detect. However, if you are well endowed up top, the gun is going to stay well hidden beneath the girls.

3. Thunderwear Pistol Pouch

pistol-pouchThis Pistol Pouch by Thunderwear is a really comfortable option for women. It keeps your gun stable with the weight balanced by your hipbones rather than your waist. This holster allows you to carry whether you are running, walking, or sitting. It’s made to be worn over your underwear and shirt, but under your jeans. Of all of my holsters, I thing this one offers the easiest access to my gun if I would need to grab it quickly. The pistol pouch is machine-washable and it is very popular among the armed forces and police officers.

4. Women’s Belly Band Holster

I have tried other belly band holsters in the past, but they were too wide and felt uncomfortable and heavy. This is the only belly band I’ve ever tried on that I actually liked. I could move and didn’t feel restricted at all. The whole thing is made from comfortable elastic and it’s only four inches wide. You can choose from black or natural colors. Best of all, it has multiple holsters so you’ve got a place to store your firearm and some spare magazines.

5. Concealment Undershirt Tank

undershirt_tankThe last holster option I love is the Concealment Undershirt Tank. It’s a simple undershirt that has two holsters, one on each side. You can easily carry two handguns or spare magazines. I’ve even carried my cellphone and a tiny wallet in one side so I didn’t have to take a purse with me.
When I first saw the undershirt tank, I was a little worried that it would make me hot in the summer months. I was really surprised that the fabric actually seemed to cool me down! Plus, it gives me quick access to my weapon whether I’m wearing a pullover, t-shirt, or a nice button down blouse.

If you are a curvy girl and feel uncomfortable with waist holsters, this is going to be the perfect option for you. It works for women of all shapes and sizes and it’s actually a preferred holster for the secret service!

Hopefully, these five holsters will give you some options as you look for a way to comfortably carry your concealed weapon. What other holster styles do you enjoy using?

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