Survival Weapons For When the Ammo Runs Out

In a survival situation, it’s a less than ideal scenario to run out of ammunition. In a perfect world, you would have a large stockpile of ammunition that you never need to use, but it doesn’t always work like that. We’ve all seen movies and television shows where the hero or heroine runs out of ammo at the least inopportune time and is forced to rely on other methods of defense. The same is true for the average Joe homeowner. You could be in a life or death situation and run out of ammunition. What would you do?

Should you find yourself in such a situation where there is no more ammunition, here are 4 weapons to use:


One of the most common cold weapons that people rely on in place of a gun is a knife. Knives are a good secondary weapon because they are small and compact, can be concealed easily, and pack a powerful punch when used defensively. In addition to being used as a weapon, they are great general survival tool to have in your emergency kit or bug out bag. A word of caution, though – using a knife usually means you will be in close contact with a perpetrator, so use caution.


Not just a kid’s toy, a slingshot can be a very valuable weapon in your arsenal. They are relatively inexpensive to make, and you can purchase ready made ones online. They can also hit a moving target from a significant distance. Also, it is a weapon that teens and even some older children can be taught to use for hunting purposes. In order to be accurate with a sling, practice is essential. Also, finding ammo for your slingshot is easy – rocks, pebbles, and other small objects can easily be used.

Baseball Bat

When all else fails, turn to this piece of sports equipment  to defend yourself. Wielding a bat is a powerful weapon to defend yourself. It can cause significant damage to those on the receiving end of it’s blows, but also, it can block blows that are coming your way.  While not the ideal weapon of choice, it could prove handy if you had nothing else to work with.

Bow and Arrow

A bow and arrow is an amazing, yet under used, weapon. The bow and arrow has been used for thousands of years as a weapon of war and hunting tool, so it’s no surprise it’s still used today, mostly for game hunting. A traditional bow and arrow is easier to use than a compound bow, but using both types take significant practice time to use effectively. As mentioned before, using a bow to hunt is also a skill that could prove very useful for hunting if you are needing to kill your own food. It’s a quiet weapon as well, which makes it a great stealth attack piece to have.

One important thing to note – when using any of these weapons defensively, don’t try to wield them as a vigilante. Know how to use them properly, and with skill. Don’t try moves you have seen in movies or on television. Those are carefully scripted scenes that don’t have real consequences. Think defensively and offensively – and you’ll be better equipped to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

What are some other weapons you have stored in case of ammo shortage?

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