How to Stay Hidden After SHTF

One of the biggest issues after a SHTF scenario will be staying safe. One of the best ways to stay safe in some cases is to stay out of sight. If you aren’t out in the middle of everything that is going on, you are less likely to be in harm’s way. Here are five things you can do to keep hidden.

Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself

Avoid doing things that will bring unwanted attention to your home and family. Don’t burn your trash (which is going to be like sending smoke signal to unwanted company), or brag about everything you have stocked up and stored at home. Tell your family members to do the same. Keep to yourself and you’ll fly under the radar.

Blend In

Basically blending in means that you aren’t doing anything crazy or too different to stick out, and that you seem like everyone else. This means not wearing your army fatigues into town if most everyone else is in t-shirts and shorts. Don’t carry big huge backpacks into town, just carry the essentials. Looking too out of place is going to draw a lot of unwanted glances and comments, so the less different you look in situations like this, the better off you will be.

Don’t Travel By Yourself

Obviously, there’s that old saying “safety in numbers,” which is definitely true in a SHTF scenario. While you don’t want to travel in a huge group, you definitely don’t want to venture out alone, either. Always bring at least one other person along, especially if you are going into areas hit by riots or other violence. You will need that backup! Also, should you become injured, you’ll have someone to go for help. Additionally, traveling alone makes you a target in some instances, so having an extra person or two will help you to blend in with everyone else.

Cover Things Up

Staying hidden also means keeping your possessions protected as well. Keep your windows covered with dark curtains. Don’t put valuable preps or other precious items in plain sight. Store any extra food supplies in places besides the kitchen. Under the beds, in closets, or dresser drawers are great places to keep things you don’t want people to find quickly. Keep your firearms concealed, and your extra guns and ammo locked up out of the main areas of the home. Keep your garage door down at all times, especially if you are not at home. If you have an infant, keep them in one of the most inner rooms of the home. The loud cries of a baby can attract attention, especially if they are in an outer room.

Time Your Activities

If you want to go incognito, make sure to do things like cooking, gardening, or trash burning (if there is no alternative disposal method), at times when you are the least likely to be seen. If you decide to grill a bunch of meat for the whole week, you can pretty much bet on that attracting attention, especially if you live in a neighborhood or more urban area. Think about doing those things at night, or when it’s raining, when other people are less likely to be outdoors.

Granted, you will have to interact with the public in some instances after the SHTF, but you want to plan those encounters well. By not appearing to be on edge, looking like everyone else, and not behaving in an unusual way that will set you apart, those interactions can be beneficial, and inconspicuous, and keep you safer. Talk with your family ahead of time about the activities you will and won’t do in this type of situation, and make sure there’s a basic set of ground rules. Be smart about your decisions, those will be most effective in keeping you hidden from prying eyes, too.

What are some other good strategies to stay hidden after SHTF?

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