The Single Girl’s Guide to Safety and Survival

Although there is a great deal of information available that helps families prepare for a wide array of emergencies, there’s a shocking lack of information available for the single gal who lives alone. Considering how many independently minded women there are in the world who live on their own, the lack of single girl survival info is disturbing and just a little insulting. Most of us would far rather learn how to take care of ourselves as opposed to relying on a man to handle our safety.

Stay on Top of Home Security

The best way to stay safe when it comes to being a single girl living on your own is a strong offense which starts with solid home security. You don’t want to make your home appealing to potential robbers. Set up your entrances with motion sensor activated lights, if possible get a dog that barks whenever someone approaches your home, and make sure all of your doors and windows have solid frames and are equipped with high quality locks. The final step is equipping your place with an alarm.

Arm Yourself

Even if you don’t like guns, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be armed. If the idea of having a gun tucked into your night stand gives you hives, you should arm yourself with a baseball bat, a can of pepper spray, and consider getting a gun. Since most break-ins take place in the middle of the night, you should keep one of each of these items in your bedroom but it isn’t a bad idea to have them in other rooms as well. Make sure they are stored in an area where you can easily reach them if someone breaks into your home.

Get Some Self-Defense Training

It doesn’t matter if you’re living by yourself or if you have a roommate or husband, you should take a few self-defense classes. Not only will you learn how to defend yourself if someone breaks into your house, you’ll also be prepared if you encounter a mugger while you’re out and about. The self-defense classes will teach you how to take care of yourself no matter how small you are and no matter how big your assailant might be. Not only will you learn how to protect yourself, you’re also going to find that the classes are fun and that you meet some really interesting people in the classes.

Learn How to Handle Stuff by Yourself

A big part of learning how to take care of yourself is learning how to keep your home in good repair. In addition to helping you save money, not having to rely on professional repair services also limits the number of people who come in and out of your home, reducing the number of people who know you live on your own. If you don’t have someone who can teach you about the basics of home repair, you can purchase some manuals at your local home repair shop. YouTube is a great source for video tutorials.

Learn Basic Emergency Car Repair

While you can’t foresee all problems, you should at least know enough about car maintenance so that you can change a tire or jump start your battery. Knowing how to do this allows you to quickly deal with the problems when they crop up so that you can move on before you put yourself in danger. If you do experience car trouble, you should try to drive to a safe, well lit neighborhood before you deal with the issue. If you can’t get yourself to a relatively safe area, use your cell phone and contact the police before exiting your car. They’ll send a unit to your location and keep you safe.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Most incidents that single women find themselves in could have been avoided if she had just been more aware of her surroundings. Not only should you be on the lookout for signs of danger, you should also brace yourself to deal with the situation before it becomes a threat to your safety.

Not only will following these tips help you learn how to enjoy a safe life as a single girl, you’ll also find that knowing you can care for yourself and that you’re safe will give your self-confidence a nice boost.

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