Why You Should Sign Up For a Self Defense Class Today

If someone attacked you or your loved ones, would you know how to react? You don’t want to wait until you actually get attacked to learn whether or not you have the ability to defend yourself. Instead, make sure you know the basics of self defense before you are ever confronted by attacker. Self defense is one of those skills that you should learn and then hope you never have to use.

No Excuses

There’s absolutely no reason you can’t learn how to defend yourself. No matter how big you are, how old you are, or what physical handicaps you suffer from, you can learn skills that will help you protect yourself from a defender. Nor should you assume that since you’ve taken a self-defense class years ago that you’re good to go. Skills and knowledge fade over time and refreshing your skills will keep your instincts sharp, improving your ability to stay safe in all situations.

What You Learn in Self Defense Classes

Check around your community and find a self defense course. These classes are often available at police departments, community college, and local gyms. The most important thing you’ll learn during the course will be how to protect yourself in real world situations.

Your instructor will first teach you a variety of skills and then they will create a series of scenarios and tell you how to use each of the skills you’ve developed. You’ll run through these scenarios over and over again until your response becomes instinctive. The more you run through each scenario, the greater the likelihood that your body’s reflexes will override the fear if you get attacked in real life. By the time you complete your self defense class, you’ll be able to protect yourself in just about any situation, rather than having to rely on a third party for help.

Self Defense is More than Fighting

Don’t assume that self defense is all about learning martial arts. You’ll also learn how to stay out of trouble. You will learn how to avoid dangerous situations, how to park, how to drive defensively, and how to carry keys and objects when you leave the grocery store or work. By the time you complete the course, you will look at the world with completely new, safety conscious eyes. You’ll always be aware of your environment and be alert to potential danger.

Another thing you’ll learn during the self defense is how to convince an attacker to leave you alone. Your self-defense instructor will teach you how to get loud and use your words and voice to discourage the attacker while also attracting the attention of others and alerting them of a potentially dangerous situation.

Above all, remember that your life and your loved ones are more important than your possessions. If you can’t convince a mugger to leave you alone, you should hand over your purse and cell phone, and even your car keys if that’s what they want, rather than giving them a reason to physically assault you or your children. Physical possessions can always be replaced.

The time to sign up for a self defense course is right now. Don’t put it off for another minute. You should also talk your best friend, sister, or daughter into taking the class with you! It will actually be a fun experience, but your will glean skills that could potentially save a life.

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