How to Repair Common Handgun Malfunctions

Guns are a part of the prepper lifestyle. I know that there are some of you that are not big fans of guns but, to be honest, there are more people who are interested in them and they are going to need information like this. Machines break. Malfunctions happen. When these things occur it can keep your firearms from working properly or at all. This is not only a serious issue relating to your personal defense or hunting, but it can also be a serious issue for your safety in the sense that these malfunctions could cause injury to you. It is important that you understand how the guns work and the best way to troubleshoot some of the more common issues.

Now I am not going to explain all the ways that you can disassemble a gun and I have to admit that I am not a gunsmith. There are more serious issues that I simply do not have the answers for. However, there are some common issues that you can be prepared for and that is what we are going to discuss today. Now keep in mind that every gun works almost exactly the same way. Every gun loads, feeds, chambers, fires, extracts, and ejects. That is the basic sequence and when issues occur it is simply a malfunction of one of these steps.

There are two very common issues that people have when dealing with a handgun. These two issues are either improper loading (inserting the clip) or improper chambering (getting the first bullet into the chamber). These are typically human error and they can be easily addressed. If a magazine or clip has not been inserted correctly it can keep the bullets from chambering at all.

The bullets will become bound by the improper placement and they simply will not feed into the chamber. This requires a removal and a replacement. If you force the clips into the gun it can lead to more serious issues such as broken components. This is not as simple to fix.

Feeding the bullets into the chamber can also be an issue for some shooters. Typically this has to do with improper racking of the slide on the gun. Keep in mind that handgun slides are made to slam back and forth and they are designed to expel and to feed more bullets. Many issues with the slide come from people being to easy with the gun. They will hold the slide and gently place it closed. This can cause the springs to become dislodged or out of place. The best thing to do is to allow the slide to rack at full speed and to stop being so afraid of the machine. Let it recoil as it is supposed to.

Another common issue is a strange popping noise you hear after firing the gun. It doesn’t sound like a regular gun “bang” but it is a little louder than a typical pop. So what is it? This typically means that your gun has a bullet lodged in the barrel. This can happen with all ammunition but it is most common with reloaded ammo. The thing to keep in mind is that if you have a bullet in the barrel and you shoot it again, you are going to destroy your gun and you could harm yourself.

So how do you fix these common issues? Keep this term in your memory…tap, rack, roll. Gun owners typically know this term and it is very simple to understand. When the gun misfires start by tapping the magazine, or clip. This will help ensure that you have properly placed the magazine into the gun. Once you have tapped the magazine you need to rack the gun. This means you need to grab the slide, pull it back al the way, and allow it to slam forward.

Do this several times if need be. Be sure your hands are free from the ejection point. Once you have done this you might see that you need additional help removing the issue from the gun. This is the point where you will pull the slide back and roll the gun right. This will allow gravity to help you remove any item that might be stuck in the gun.

All of this is simple enough but it will require a good bit of practice. So I would suggest that you take the time to learn how your gun works. Practice slamming the clip into the gun and practice racking the bullets into place. Once you have those down, then move on to the tap, rack, and roll right process that has helped many gun owners over the years.

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