Why You Need More Than Guns

Guns are a hot topic these days! Many politicians and activist groups are doing and saying everything they can to outlaw the vast majority of firearms. The reasoning behind this crusade varies depending on who you talk to. Most of the politicians that are backing “gun control” are doing so out of political expediency. They really do not have a huge issue either way but they are casting their lot with a certain side of the argument in order to further their image and they are pressing forward in the fight, without any real investment in the issue. The vast majority of gun control is coming from the leftist politicians, while large groups such as the NRA are considered right wing political partners.

When you start to consider the activist groups, it becomes a bit more difficult to dissect the motives. Many of the people in these groups come from families that have been ripped apart by violence associated with guns. These are real families with real stories of pain and turmoil. I have deep sympathy for these families and their stories, but we also need to be clear about a few things. First, gun violence is not as rampant as we are told. In fact according to the latest FBI statistics, murders associated with firearms are actually on the decline. Second, guns are only as dangerous as the people that control them.

So what does the current gun control debate mean for the prepper? First, it means that we need to stock up on guns and ammo while we still have an opportunity. There could come a time in the future where lawmakers finally succumb to pressure and take away our rights to bear arms. Just in case that day comes, it’s also wise to invest in other weapons. Firearms are important, but your defense arsenal should not be comprised of only guns. There are some other great weapons and tools that are also highly effective!

Pepper Spray

If you have ever been sprayed with a shot of pepper spray, you know why this is first on the list! This is an old standby for me. My dad bought me a small vile of pepper spray when I turned 16 and started driving on my own. The pepper spray is a great tool for close quarter issues. When sprayed in the face, eyes, or mouth, this is a very reliable defense weapon. It will burn the eyes and cause temporary blindness. It has been said that pepper spray will only exacerbate an issue, but I disagree. It can give you the time you need to escape from an attacker or to regroup and get your gun.


I have to admit that I am somewhat partial to knives. My husband has a very nice collection of knives that outnumber our guns by 3 to 1. Knives are great because they can be concealed in various places of your body. I typically have a knife in my pocket, purse, glove box, as well as having a knife in my boot. Never underestimate the damage that you can do with a knife. Plus a survival knife can be used for many purposes beyond self defense!


The taser is one of the newer weapons that many police officers are starting to use in the past ten years. While there is some controversy surrounding the safety of these items, there is no denying that a taser is very effective weapon for bringing a person down. Tasers are small, handheld devices that work off of electrical current. When the “gun” is pointed and fired at an individual there are 2 wire prongs that shoot out and embed in the individual. The prongs then begin to allow 50,000 volts of electricity to run through the body of the attacker. A taser really hurts and it will stop even the biggest, angriest attacker in their tracks.

Security Cameras

While the above-mentioned items are considered self-defense weapons, the security camera is more of an offensive tool that acts like an extra set of eyes. A good security camera will allow you to see the areas of your home or property that might be under siege. Security cameras are a must-have if you plan on bugging in. While they might be rendered useless in an EMP attack, you can’t always plan everything based on this one possibility. Cameras offer you advanced warning of impending intruders. This will give you plenty of time to ready your forces and your additional weapons.

Window Protection

This is a huge safety area that often goes unnoticed. Your windows offer a great place for intruders to target. Why not consider adding some bars to your windows? Maybe you live in a nice place or maybe you simply do not like the idea of covering your windows with bars. This is a great time to remind you that there are several ways to fortify your windows without bars. The best way I have ever seen to protect your windows is to have a sliding door, made of metal, which is located on the inside of the window casing. You simply slide it out to create a bullet proof, weather proof cover if you need to reinforce your windows in an emergency.

Other Options

There are endless weapons that you could use to beef up your current home protection arsenal. You might want to add guard dogs, blowguns, moats, pits, trip wires, poison, or trap doors. The idea here is that you have to get creative and find what will work in your home! Some people like the idea of using a battering ram and others will like the idea of building their own catapult. Sometimes guns will not be available and you are still going to need protection.

Always be sure to think outside of the box. Do not limit yourself to just a few weapons or just a single gun. Be creative! We all know that during a SHTF scenario, people are going to be willing to do almost anything to get access to food, water, and medical supplies. If you don’t prepare now, there is no way that you can protect those you love during a devastating crisis.

What are some of your favorite weapons and defense tools aside from firearms?

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