Must Have Guns for Serious Preppers

All right, I have to come clean and admit that I am a gun girl. I love guns. I love ammo. I love anything related to guns. Luckily my husband likes guns as well. I also have to admit that I am not a huge fan of gun grabbers or the ultra liberal that think guns are a deadly object and that they must be eradicated. A gun is only dangerous when it is in the hands of a dangerous person. An honest, law abiding citizen with a gun is not a dangerous thing.

Our country was founded on guns. Think about it. If the citizens of this country in the mid 1700’s had zero guns then there would have never been a revolution. We won that fight because we had guns. Knives would not have won the war and neither would have well placed words. Guns are a way to stop a tyrannical government. Guns are a way to protect your family from intruders. Guns are a way to stop crime in the process. Guns are a way to hunt for food. But above all…guns are a 2nd Amendment right. There is no discussion beyond that.

With that being said we need to spend some time talking about guns. In fact, when it comes to prepping guns are essential tools that you need. But what are the best guns to have? Is there one better than another? Is one gun enough? Well one gun is better than no gun. But Storage Prepper thinks it is always a good idea to have a rifle, a pistol, and a shotgun. Beyond that it is all up to you. Here are some seriously awesome guns that every prepper needs to consider.

  1. Bolt Action .308

This is one of my favorite rifles and perhaps my favorite hunting gun as well. This gun is very affordable, it delivers every time, it is consistent, and did I mention that it is consistent?

It can be set up as a sniper rifle and that is a great option for would be preppers. However you need to know that long range shooting is an art. Unless you are willing to put in the time and the money then you are not going to be a good long-range shot. However that does not take away from this gun being great for hunting. The best option for hunting larger animals is to use the 180 grain .308 round. It will drop them every time.

  1. Springfield M1A

I know I just showcased the .308 bolt action and went on and on about how good it is. So what is better than a .308? This gun is a .308 but it is a semi-automatic. Where the bolt action will not shoot rapidly, this gun will. If you are in need of sending a message to would be intruders or thieves…this gun will leave a lasting impression. Keep in mind that this gun will typically run well over the $1,300 amount. So if price is an issue then this might not be for you.

  1. 1911 .45 ACP

This is a pistol. As I said previously every prepper needs a pistol. There are times when a shotgun or a rifle is too showy and you need the secrecy and stealth of a pistol. If the SHTF and you are in the middle of it, you are going to need some protection. This gun offers plenty of power, as it will drop whomever it touches. The one downside is that the capacity is fairly small so you need to be accurate with your shots and wise. Also keep I mind that a good .45 is going to set you back at least $500.

  1. Remington 870 12-gauge Pump

This was my very first gun. Before I met my husband this was the gun that I kept in my apartment. It has an unmistakable sound when you are loading. If there is an intruder or a potential threat coming at you and they hear that sound…they will automatically know what you have. Chances are they will tuck tail and run.

This gun is very common and it is relatively inexpensive. The ammo is easy to find and it is just a great gun. You can use bird shot for small game hunting or you could use slugs for larger animals. You could also choose double ought buck to throw an intruder back out the door they just walked in. it is that powerful. As for disadvantages…good luck finding any.

  1. 9mm Handgun

This is a very common handgun; in fact it is the most common handgun. This is a very user-friendly gun that conceals easy and offers decent knockdown power. The ammo is easy to find and the price is really low for the gun and the ammo. It is just a cheap, useable gun. It is cheaper than the .45 as is the ammo. That makes practice shooting cheaper as well.

  1. AR-15

We saved the best for last. There is a reason that this gun draws the ire of so many people. It is insanely popular. It is amazingly powerful. It is also very easy to use. The recoil is there but it will not knock you down like a .50 cal. rifle.

The ammo can be hard to find from time to time simply because the gun grabbers like to throw gun bans around. Most of these guns can shoot either the .223 or the 5.56 round. 5.56 is a NATO round so it is a bit easier to find but it is also somewhat expensive. In the past, after the last mass shooting, I paid as much as 1 dollar per round. The price has since dropped and I am now paying around .45 cent per round.

This gun is awesome. It can be customized very easily. The parts are easy to find and the accuracy is amazing. The main downside is that the gun can be expensive. It is not uncommon to drop more than a grand for a good model.

What are your favorite guns that you have stashed away for emergencies?

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