How Much Ammo Does a Prepper Really Need?

The prepping community spends a lot of time talking about firearms, but there is rarely much information out there about ammunition. As you prepare for an emergency, how much ammo do you really need? How should you store it and when is the best time to stock up? Today, let’s take a look at how much ammunition you really need to stockpile in order to be prepared for an emergency.

Keep Two Separate Stashes

When you stock up on ammunition, keep two separate stashes: one for routine target practice and another for emergency storage. In your shooting stash, include enough ammunition to keep you well stocked for target practice. You won’t need a lot and you can always buy more if you need it. I try to keep a few hundred rounds in my shooting supplies. To figure out how much you will need, determine how much ammo you go through in a month. Then multiply that by six. This will give you a six month’s supply of recreational ammo so you never have to pull from your emergency supplies.

Ammo for Emergencies 

Your long-term ammunition storage will be much larger than the recreational stash. You want to prepare as if you will never have access to buying more ammo so it’s important to get a lot while it is easily available. While you probably don’t need millions of rounds, you should have enough to protect your family for at least a year in a survival situation. As a general rule, you should aim for 1000 rounds of ammunition for defensive firearms and hunting rifles. This should sustain you for both protection and hunting.

The Best Way to Stock Up 

With prices of ammunition rapidly fluctuation, a lot of preppers have been scrambling to stockpile before prices rise any further. That has created a major shortage in a lot of states and made stocking up a little more challenging. The good news is that the Internet is available and it’s an instant way to order ammunition from other places and have it shipped to your home or bug out location.

When you order your ammo online, you can often get lower prices by buying in bulk. Check out and you will quickly see that it pays to buy 1000 rounds at once. It’s a good investment and you can shave the price per round substantially when you buy it in large quantities.

Where to Store Ammo

Ultimately, your storage location is a personal location. Most people keep ammunition at home and they store it in a locked gun cabinet with their firearms. On the other hand, home storage isn’t that practical if you know that you have to bug out when disaster strikes. In that case, you won’t be able to easily transport several thousand rounds, especially if you are going on foot. If you plan to bug out to a secondary location, keep enough ammo at home to sustain your journey and then store the remainder of your ammunition supplies in your bug out location where it will be waiting on you when you arrive.

What is your plan for ammunition storage? How much ammo have you stockpiled so far?

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