Lipstick and Lead: Why Women Need Firearms

The title says it all. No, this is not an advertisement for Sarah Palin nor is it a plug for why every lady in the world needs to arm herself to the teeth with some massive, semi-automatic weapons collection. However there is a real interest in guns and many of the ladies in my life have asked regular questions about specific fire arms and whether or not they should even have them in the house. To be fair, my mother was always against guns. My daddy liked them but mom was always afraid that either my brother or I would get a hold of one of them and do some serious damage.

So before we get into the specifics of why you should seriously consider having a few fire arms in your home, lets look at a few of the safety questions that people often have. The most common question is the overall safety of having a gun in the home. So how many homes have a gun and what are the statistics regarding the overall accidents and injuries that came from a gun? A recent study answers this and many other questions. According to the most recent information there an estimated 47-53 million homes with guns. This makes up roughly 40% of the American populace. To illustrate how rare a violent crime involving a gun really is, the same study highlights a 2007 report, which shows that in that year, 2007, there were 613 fatal accidents that involved a gun. This accounts for .5% of the fatal accidents that year.

Are guns dangerous? Sure they can be dangerous. When used improperly a gun can be a very dangerous thing. This is why so much time and attention needs to be given when it comes to educating your children on proper gun safety. A gun that is left unattended, loaded, unlocked, or a gun that does not have a trigger lock, is an incredibly idiotic thing to have. There is no reason to have a gun, in a reachable area, when there are children in the home. This is simply bad parenting. However, there are many ways that you can both have a gun and keep it away from your young children. Gun cabinets, safes, and trigger locks are all very easy to come by and they are all relatively easy and cheap to install. Do not buy into the fear propaganda that owning a gun makes you a nut job or that you are just one bad day away from killing the people in your workplace. This simply is not the case.

So why should women have guns? This is a question that I have been asked several times. I enjoy target shooting and I also enjoy the occasional hunt. Yet when I frequent a firing range I notice the looks from the older men in the club. Some have even had the audacity to make jokes about a “little woman” using such a big gun. To be fair, I enjoy shooting my .357 revolver. And yes, it is a big gun and no, I do not need any help with it. I learned rather quickly that I like bigger guns and I am not afraid to use them. But there are many other reasons why I carry a gun and why I keep firearms in my home.

First, and probably the most obvious, I like the safety that it provides. I do not have to tell you that there are many people in this world, most often men, which will target women for crimes ranging from petty theft such as a purse-snatcher, to a serial rapist that is looking for his next victim. I carry a gun for my personal safety and for the safety of my children. There is not one person in the world who desires to look down the barrel of a .380, but if they attack my children or me, that is exactly what they will see. Having a gun is the best safety a girl can have. Period.

I am also a huge fan of having a gun in the home for the purposes of home safety. Notice a theme here? While it is true that the majority of home burglaries occur when the homeowner is out of the house, there are still times when this particular crime takes place when the homeowner is actually home. Plus, there are many times when my husband is away on business or he is simply late getting home. In those times it is reassuring to know that if something did happen, I have the tools ready to combat any problem.

On a completely different front, I am also a proponent of having guns for the off chance that society falls apart. Now I am not a believer in the zombie apocalypse, but I do like to be prepared for any disaster I can dream up in the middle of the night. You never know when something terrible could occur and it is always better to be over prepared than under prepared. Ladies, let’s face it… we are the ones that provide the most love and care in our homes. We are the ones that typically spend more time in the home. We are the ones that make the preparations for any event that might be coming up. I like to keep a few weeks of groceries stored for a rainy day. I like to make sure that I have a few extra batteries around the house. I like to make sure that we are ready in the event of a natural disaster or a random act of stupidity by someone else.

For this reason we keep several guns in our gun safe. We have all seen the screen shots from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. We have seen the looting that took place in Los Angeles after the Rodney King trial. We all remember the mass hysteria that gripped the nation after September 11, 2001. While these types of events are not the norm, they do occur from time to time. Being prepared is the best thing you can do for your family and part of being prepared is arming yourself with a gun. Lipstick and lead… it is the perfect combination for any girl.

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