What You Should Know Before You Buy a Gun

Guns are a hot topic these days and while many would like to take away the right for Americans to own guns, that is still our constitutional right and one that we need to take seriously. I have a concealed carry permit as does my husband and we are proud of that as well. Neither one of us are interested in becoming a statistic. We are not waiving the guns around and we are not advertising to the public that we carry. However we are prepared in the event that a situation arises where we need to protect our family or our home.

I am a huge advocate for the second amendment and your right to carry a firearm. However that right is currently under assault like never before. And this is why you need to keep a few things in mind about your potential gun purchase. There are also some logistical things you need to be careful with. So let’s take a few moments and look at the things you need to know before you buy a gun.

What Kind of Gun Should You Buy?

The type of weapon you are purchasing can make a huge difference. Most people are going to say you can buy a shotgun, pistol, or a rifle. And while that is technically right, there are many other options as well that you need to be aware of. Are you looking for a hunting rifle or a rifle that will be used for protection? Are you interested in a small and easy to carry pistol or would you like the knockdown power of a .45? In the shotgun class you have several different gauges that you could chose from. The most popular is the 12 gauge.

Take the time to really evaluate the type of gun you are interested in and make sure that you know what you want before you enter the store. The last thing you need is to buy a gun you have no desire to have or a gun that you know nothing about.

What Style Will Work Best for You?

This is question that seems to be debated the most. Should automatic weapons be allowed? Some say yes and others will say no. There are also some folks who will say that automatic weapons are illegal and that you cannot purchase them. They are wrong. You can procure a permit to buy automatic weapons. However you need to be aware that this permit will be registered with the federal government and they will have the right and the ability to track you down and search your home at any time.

Should You Get a Concealed Permit? 

Are you going to carry this gun with you? Obviously this would indicate that you are leaning towards a pistol since it is almost impossible to conceal carry a rifle or shotgun. Make the decision now. Having the ability to carry your gun with you at all times is a very big decision and it is one you need to have an answer for. This will help you better determine the kind of gun you are going to purchase.

Some of the best concealed carry guns are the .38, .380, and even a larger .40. You can obviously carry the .45 but it is a bigger gun, although it is roughly the same size as the .40.

What Is Best For Your Family’s Safety?

My family is well aware of the guns we have. We take precautions every chance we get to ensure that our family is safe and that we have no accidents with the guns. This means you need to take the time to discuss the guns with your children, if you have any. While really young children will not understand, the older ones will. Do not hide them. Be open and honest. But you also need to make sure that you have a place to keep your guns locked up when they are not being used or when you are not at home. Keep the safety on at all times as an added precaution. We even store our ammo separately from the firearms so that even if a child happened to pick up the gun, there is no chance they would accidentally harm someone.

Guns can be a great way to protect your home and family, but you have to do your homework. Don’t make a hasty decision on your first gun purchase. Take time to shoot a few rounds at the target range and talk to the experts at the gun shop to get a better idea of what model is going to be most comfortable for your particular build. With a little time and patience, you will find the perfect firearm and have peace of mind that your family is well protected.

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