Get to Know the Almighty AR-15

If you a practiced shooter who is shopping for a high powered firearm, you may want to consider the AR-15. It is the most popular semi-automatic weapon worldwide, so it’s no wonder that many people are interested in learning how to use one. Here are some facts you need to know if you are considering the AR-15.

The AR-15 is most commonly used by police officers and the military. Even though it was originally only for the military, it is now considered a sporting rifle and can be owned by civilians. It is considered semi-automatic because you have to load in the cartridges, but once a cartridge is emptied, the next one automatically slides into the gun chamber.

It is not an assault rifle as many people think. This is a common misconception. It does not meet the regulations to be labeled an assault rifle. The AR-15 is not a beginner firearm. It is highly recommended that you know how to confidently operate smaller guns like the .22 before moving up to the AR-15. This is for your own safety, and so that you are familiar with more than one type of gun.

You should know that the AR-15 is a loud weapon. When going to the shooting range, you should have adequate protection for your ears (and your eyes, too!) to help muffle the sound. Without this, you could do significant, and possibly permanent damage to your hearing.

Most people fire the AR-15 standing up, or lying down on their stomach. You should always use two hands to hold the gun, with the grip resting between your thumb and index finger of one hand, and the other supporting the hand guards.

Always buy quality ammunition for your AR-15. This goes for all of your firearms, actually. You want to stick to name brands, and ask gun experts which they recommend for use with certain weapons.

Always clean and lube your AR-15 before each use. Good gun maintenance is key to keeping your gun in excellent condition. This is so important if the weapon is new, as you want to do a good cleaning/lubing yourself, and not rely on how it comes out of the factory. You can find videos online that show you how to clean your gun.

Gun experts do recommend getting a scope, even if it is just a basic one, for your AR-15. It’s also recommended that you get a good gun case for your gun, too. As always, you should always keep your guns locked up, unloaded when not in use. They should always be kept out of the reach of children.

Hopefully this gives you a little info on the AR-15 to help you decide if it might be a gun you would like to learn to shoot and possibly own.

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