How to Find the Perfect Gun for You

Guns are dangerous. Only lunatics have guns. Guns need to be confiscated. No doubt you have heard these statements before. The news is rife with politicians and commentators that long to remove guns from the American populace. But the truth is that guns are only dangerous in the hands of dangerous people. Guns are an important tool in a survival situation it is a constitutional right to own guns for personal protection.

As you begin to search for the proper firearms for your protection, there are literally hundreds of different guns to choose from. Each gun has its own identity and ability. So what is the best gun for you? That is a tough question to answer because everybody is different and each person has their own idea of what they would like to experience when dealing with firearms. In an effort to offer a clearer picture of the types of guns that are best for you, we are going to discuss a few styles of guns.

1. Revolver


The revolver has been around for many years. In fact, the first revolvers where made in the 1500’s but they were considered odd and clumsy. It wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that the revolver became a more common and accepted firearm. The revolver is a handgun that has a rotating cylinder. The cylinder holds several bullets and will feed the bullets into the barrel of the gun after each firing.

There are many different designs with the revolver. Some will have the chamber swing out to the side while other will open in the front. Some revolvers will have more than one barrel and others will not. This particular gun has been crafted into a number of different caliber styles but the majority of these guns are larger caliber.

2. Pistol


Like the revolver the pistol is a handgun. These guns come in all different shapes and sizes. The pistol is a very common gun today but it has not always been this way. The key difference between a revolver and a pistol is that the pistol does not have a revolving chamber. Instead of using the cylinder as a holder of ammunition the pistol uses a clip. The clip holds the ammunition and slides into the bottom of the gun. The bullets are fed automatically into the barrel of the gun.

3. Shotgun


The shotgun has been around for hundreds of years. This type of gun comes in several sizes called “gauges”. The lower the number, such as 12, the larger the barrel of the gun. The shotgun does not use bullets but rather shells. The shells are plastic casing that is filled with either small bb’s or larger steel balls. The shotgun is known for “spraying”, which simply means that when it is fired the ammunition spreads out. This creates a larger area of damage when used over short distance. However the shotgun is not a long-range weapon.

4. Rifle


The rifle is perhaps the most scrutinized and versatile gun there is. The rifle has been around since the beginning of the gun. This type of gun is designed to work over long distances. The rifle is best known for having a long, skinny barrel. This allows the gun to be more accurate and to be more useful over long distances. The rifle frame has been modified to create many of the guns that are used by armies all over the world.

Which Gun Should You Choose?

Finding the perfect gun can be a very trying and difficult proposition. With so many different styles and options, the best way to find the perfect gun for you is to take the time to research each gun you are interested in. Go visit a local gun store and simply browse the guns that they offer. This will not only help you find the firearm that you like, but it will also allow you to ask questions about each model.

Additionally, once you find the models that you are interested in, read the reviews of these guns. You could also view video reviews. This will allow you to actually hear from other people who have used this gun as well as allowing you to see the gun in action.

Once you have narrowed your search to a few options, you could see if the local gun owner would allow you to “test drive” the guns. This will allow you to get a feel for the gun and see how it operates. Once you have done some research and tried the gun out to see how it performs, you will be able to determine which firearm is the right fit for you.

For what it’s worth, Ms. Prepper recommends having a variety of firearms. Nothing will scare away a home invader faster than the sound of racking a shotgun. However, a pistol is much better for concealed carry purposes. Learn to shoot all of these guns and you will be thankful you spent the time learning about firearms if you ever find yourself in a survival situation.

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