Everyday Items that Double as Survival Weapons

We all love to see how everyday items can be used beyond their intended purpose. We watched in awe as MacGyver would take an ink pen, gum and some other ordinary object and fix a car and it miraculously works! There’s just something inspiring about thinking outside the box!

The same goes for protecting yourself and your family. Most people think of using things like a gun, tares, pepper spray, or a knife as an item of self defense – but did you know that there are everyday, around the house items that you can use to defend yourself? All of them can be carried in a pocket or purse, don’t require a permit, and can be brought into any public place. These are ordinary items that won’t draw weird looks or bring about attention – so that’s another reason they work well. Here are three of them and how they can be used.


Not just for swatting flies – a rolled up newspaper can be used as a weapon to attack a would be mugger. This is a technique used in the Special Forces – so you’re hanging with the big dogs here! You can do this with a rolled up magazine, too. You want to make sure it is rolled up toward the fold or binding – not away from it – this will help it to keep its shape, and perform better. You can find a video on how to use a newspaper as a weapon here.

Ink Pen

This little writing instrument might actually end up saving you in a tense situation. If you have survival pen, or tactical pen, that’s awesome, but this can be accomplished with a regular everyday pen, too. It can be used to stab your attacker, and fight them off. Again, this is something most people carry on them anyway, in a pocket, or purse or backpack, so not something that could be suspected as a dangerous weapon, Remember that fight scene in Bourne Identity? Yep. A pen can get the job done.

Umbrella or Cane

Here are two more powerful items that doesn’t look suspicious in the least – an umbrella or cane. You may want to look into one that has a reinforced handle or brass handle. These two may be the strongest in your arsenal. Your average dollar store cane or umbrella isn’t going to hold up well – and will probably break really easy, which is why you should spend a little more on a sturdier model. You can easily find a self defense instructor to show you how to use either of these to defend yourself, and do it well. These two items are inconspicuous looking, and most people wouldn’t think twice about seeing you carrying either of these. However, the umbrella might stand out if it’s really sunny without a cloud in sight.

These are just three items that are easily purchased and carried that can provide you with protection without appearing threatening. They can show a would be attacker who is boss, and perhaps even save your life, or the life of someone else!

Are there other everyday items you can think of that can be used as weapon?

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