How to Escape from Zip Ties

Zip ties are great if you want to hold something in place. We all know that they won’t budge once they are locked, so they are perfect when you need a secure binding. What parent hasn’t groaned in frustration when they open a child’s toy and see it is held with zip ties and has to be cut out.

Unfortunately, the secure hold of a zip tie can also work to your disadvantage if you were ever held against your will. We have all seen crime dramas and read reports where people were held captive by zip ties. Have you ever considered how you would break free if this happened to you? It is possible to break free from zip ties. Here are three methods to try that just might save your life.

Slip Out

This is probably the easiest way out, and you should try it before you try any others. When you are restrained, try to remember to hold your fists clenched, and your palms toward the floor. This will give you more wrist room when you get ready to wriggle free. When you go to get free, turn your wrists so that your palms are facing each other, and try to wriggle one hand free and a time. Work on getting your thumb out first and the rest should go fairly smoothly.

Shim Out

Every zip tie has a locking bar that makes it stay in place. If you can shim something in and loosen the locking bar, then you will be on your way to breaking free. Try using a credit card or your fingernail to raise the locking bar, then just slide the tie out of the buckle! This one could be difficult, especially if you are by yourself, and your hands our bound, but it can be done. This method would be very useful if you were held with others. You could take turns getting each other free.

Break The Tie

This might be the hardest, but it will work. Before attempting to break the tie, you need to tighten it up as much as you can. This will actually help as you break it. Then raise your arms back up over your head, and as you pull your shoulder blades together (think elbows out like a chicken), and bring your arms down quick to your stomach. This motion should break the zip tie.

The most important thing to remember is not to panic if you are trying to break free. This will make any of your efforts less productive because you are spending a lot of mental energy on worry and fear. You may want to practice some of these, just for knowledge’s sake, so that you know which ones will be the easiest (or hardest) for you to do. Work with your kids on this, too. They need to be confident that they can free themselves or help to free others, too.

Have you ever tried getting out of zip ties? Was one of these methods more successful for you than others?

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