How to Develop a Neighborhood Security Plan

Prepping is more about making a workable plan and less about seclusion and isolation. Perhaps this is why so many people are starting to turn to group prepping. While that is not an option in the area that I live, it is an option for many people that find themselves in large neighborhoods or packed urban areas. So what does it take for a neighborhood to come together and have an actionable plan? Better yet, what would it look like if the neighborhood banded together and formed a security alliance?

Neighborhood watch programs have been around for many, many years. There was a time when the doors of most neighborhood homes had a neighborhood watch sticker in the bottom right corner. This type of system asks the residents of a neighborhood to not only be on the look out, but to actually take action if they see something happening. In a real SHTF scenario this is a good idea and an idea that could potentially save many lives. So how do you start this and make it work?

  1. Meet With Your Neighbors Individually

This type of meeting is the first step in the process because it allows you to gauge just how interested other people would be in this kind of activity. You must first understand that people are going to be more comfortable and willing to talk when you approach them in a one on one setting. This is much less intimidating and it lets the person know that you care about his/her opinion.

During your one-on-one meetings with your neighbors you need to make sure you ask the right questions. This should include questions about what they are comfortable doing, any experience they might have in a security setting, and finally you should try and gauge their interest in things related to prepping.

  1. Meet With All Interested Parties

After you have made your preliminary rounds through the neighborhood and spoken with all the potential members of the security team, you need to bring everyone together for a group meeting. It is in this setting that you can outline the hopes and plans of the neighborhood security plan.

This would be the best time to share what is expected and what is discouraged for this program. Obviously this is not a paramilitary group and the neighbors need to be reminded of this. I essence this is a group of watchers and information gatherers. In most cases you are not going to arm the volunteers and they are not going to arm themselves. That would lead to panic in the neighborhood and it would only serve to draw attention to your group. The idea is to be inconspicuous.

  1. Make A Leader Chart

It is always important that people understand the chain of command. While it can be fun to talk about how everyone is a leader that leads to chaos. There needs to be an appointed leader of the group that all people report back to. If there are fears about too much centralized power or authority then you could always make this a rotating position.

Make sure you have all the leaders on paper. It should also be understood that the leaders of smaller segments need to be listed as well. Having a proper chain of command and hierarchy is a great thing and will help to ensure the continuity of the group.

  1. Assign Specific Duties And Times

It is in this area that many people begin to drop the ball. Once the group has voiced it s support f or the program and they are showing a desire to proceed, make sure you have the actual job assignments ready. In most cases it will be nothing more than walking the streets for an hour or so. While that is not a huge deal, make sure you have the jobs assigned and allotted well.

The worst thing you can do is continually speak about a potential program and then never deliver the goods. Make sure you are able to back up what you claim and promise. With a little planning and some hard work, you can work together with your closest neighbors to create a security plan that will keep everyone safe in SHTF.

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