Crucial Advice for Beginning Preppers

I am sure that you have all made the same mistakes that we have as a family. The most common mistakes that a beginning prepper makes is thinking that the world is going to end tomorrow and that we have to get all the work done yesterday. That is not how this thing works. The truth of the matter is that prepping is a lifestyle. It is something that is done gradually and over a long period of time.

The best example that I can give is to consider marriage. So many young married couples strive to have the same relationship and the same type of possessions that a couple of 40 years has. It is not possible. It takes time to build a life and it takes time to prepare for a disaster. That is why you need to start now and work steadily to increase what you know and what you have.

When I look back on our beginning stages of prepping I usually laugh. But I also think about how awesome it would have been to have some help along the way. So that is what today’s post is all about. We want to offer a little advice to those that are just starting. These items are things we wish someone had told us.

  1. Cut Back and Sacrifice Now

Instead of buying everything on a credit card and going into debt, why not go ahead and start making sacrifices now? This will allow you to save a few dollars along the way and you can then use that money to buy the items you need. Do not go into debt or put your family in a hardship trying to buy preps.

  1. Diversify Your Preps

Canned food is great. We have a lot of it and we continually buy more of it. But that is not the only food we have. We have dry beans and other dehydrated items. We have a variety of items. Canned food is high in sodium and that is not good for you. Plus, we all get tired of eating the same thing over and over.

  1. Spend Wisely

Do not spend all your money in one spot or on one trip. Try and make your dollar stretch as much as possible. This will allow you to prep for longer periods of time and it will eventually lead to you have more items to live with.

  1. Spread The Storage

Don’t keep your items all in one place. You never know when something bad could happen and you could lose your whole prep. I have a friend who lost over 2k dollars worth of food because the basement flooded. Try and spread out where you keep your preps located.

  1. Learn Stealth

Guns are great. We have them and we will use them if need be. However it is always a better option to not shoot. Protection is important but it is also important that you learn to operate on your property in a stealth like mode. Not shooting is much better than shooting. Plus, you can have all the guns in the world but they will not keep other people from shooting at you.

  1. Privacy

Don’t go around blabbing about what you have. If the bottom does fall out you will be left with a ton of people showing up at your doorstep wanting help. The fewer people that know about your preps, the better.

  1. Water is more important than food

Store lots and lots of water. It can be stored for long periods of time if you take the right precautions and it will serve you well to have large quantities of water. Also, make sure you do not store water in old milk jugs. It is bad policy. Period.

  1. Pets

Don’t forget about your fur babies. If you have pets you have two options. Care for them or forget them. Take the time to stock up on pet food.

  1. Never Skimp on Sanitation

It can be easy to overlook shampoo, soap, hand sanitizer, and even toilet paper. These items are vital to your well-being. Take the time to prep properly with sanitation as a key thought.

If you are an experienced prepper, what are some tips you would give to newbies?

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