Which Breeds Are Best for a Family Watchdog?

Our furry friends can become an essential part of our families. Dogs are loyal, trustworthy companions for family members of all ages. They can also be an invaluable resource when it comes to protecting your family. When you select a dog to be your new family pet, it’s important to choose a breed that will be loving with children, but also aggressive towards intruders. How do you know what breed is the best when choosing a family watchdog? Here is a closer look at some of the best dog breeds to choose for a family pet that also doubles as an effective guard dog.

Large Breeds

German Shepherd – Most commonly known for being law enforcement dogs, German Shepherds are great family watchdogs for many reasons. They are fearless animals, and very intelligent. They can be trained from a young age, and are very loyal to their owners. They are docile animals to have as pets, but if they sense their owners are threatened, they will react in a heartbeat. You can often find German Shepherds at local animal rescues, but if you have small children, it is best to get a puppy so you can train it to be gentle with your little ones. These dogs typically grow to around 80 pounds and they need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and happy.

Bull Mastiff – The Bull Mastiff is another breed that makes a wonderful watchdog. They have a sweet disposition, which is why they make great family pets. The mastiff a large dog and can use its size as an advantage when protecting owners. They will block an intruder or knock them down, as they are also very strong animals. These dogs grow very large to over 100 pounds and they do best with plenty of human interaction and daily exercise.

Doberman Pinscher – The Doberman Pinscher is also known for being a great watchdog. These dogs are very smart, ranked 5th most intelligent in the world. They are also very quick on their feet and the perfect watchdog for a large home or piece of land. They are also very loyal dogs. Because of their short coats, this breed is best kept indoors because they don’t tolerate cold well.

Staffordshire Terrier – Staffordshire Terriers are also recognized as a guard dog breed. They were originally bred for fighting. They have a fiercely aggressive disposition and are extremely protective, but with proper training, they can make good family animals. They are typically gentle with their owners, but will quickly jump to the defense if they feel there is danger.

Small Breeds

Jack Russell Terrier – These cute little dogs make great companions, but they are also effective watchdogs. They love to bark, and will bark consistently until the threat of danger (or even perceived danger) has passed. They also are very sweet dogs, and will be great companions for kids. Just keep in mind that they need plenty of interaction and attention or they could become destructive.

Chihuahua – They may be small in size, but the fierce little Chihuahua can make a big difference in your home. They are fiercely loyal to their owners, and will bark and show aggression when they feel a family member is in danger. While they don’t look all that intimidating, they tend to have “little dog syndrome” and will confront even a large enemy without fear. From the outside, a Chihuahua’s bark will sound just as scary as a Great Dane!

There are dozens of other breeds that would make great outdoor or indoor watchdogs. They all have unique temperaments and you’ll need to evaluate your family’s needs and compatibility with different breeds. Talk to your local veterinarian to get a recommendation for a dog breed that will be a good fit in your home.

What kind of dog do you recommend for a family watchdog?

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