The Best Weapons for Hunting and Self Defense

If you are thinking about getting some weapons for hunting or defending yourself, the task can be a little overwhelming. You have a lot of options, especially in the self defense category, so you probably want to do a lot of research before making a choice. Here is some helpful information to help you decide which weapons might work best for you:

Self Defense Weapons

When most people think of self defense weapons, they usually think of handguns. However, you can also use a rifle for protection, too. It’s also a great hunting weapon, which gives it a dual purpose. You may want to try out several different types of firearms so that you can see which ones you are more comfortable handling.

Don’t lock yourself into considering only one type of gun. You may be surprised to find the one you thought you would choose ends up being the one you leave at the store. Then again, you might also find that you like more than one type, and bring home a couple!

The most popular types of handguns sold are the .22 and the 9mm. Both of these are sold for self defense purposes all over the world because they are small, compact, and easy to use.

The most common types of shotguns are the .22lr, and the .308 semi-automatic. These are also good hunting rifles, too, so you could get more (literal) bang for your buck by purchasing one of these.

Once you choose a firearm, make sure that you are properly trained in how to use it, and practice good gun safety. Many firearm retailers will offer classes on gun care and firearm safety. You should also book time at a shooting range to get familiar with using your weapon.

Don’t discount other self defense items like pepper spray or a tares for self defense, too. These could prove very useful if you found yourself in close contact with an assailant.

Hunting Weapons

As mentioned above, the most common weapon used for hunting in most areas is a firearm. Firearms can take down large game, small animals like squirrels or rabbits, and a handgun can even be used to kill fish. So, it’s safe to say that the same weapon you use to protect yourself could also be used to help bring home dinner. That being said, you can also have great hunting success with other weapons too.

Many hunters like to use a bow to hunt, and have great success with using one. If you’ve never tried bow hunting, it might be something you want to consider. Bow hunting can yield large animals like deer, and fowl like turkey.

Another popular hunting weapon is the bow gun. Bow guns are easy to use, and similar weapons have been used since the days of the earliest Americans for hunting game. You can even find tutorials online that show how to make your own bow gun. The .40 caliber bow gun is the one a lot of hunters enjoy using, since it tends to be the one with the best accuracy.

Whichever weapons you choose to add to your arsenal, make sure to choose the ones you think you will use most, and with the most confidence. You don’t want to make a frivolous purchase on a firearm or other weapon that you’ll never use.

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