The Best Way to Carry a Concealed Firearm

Everyday, more people are deciding to get a concealed carry permit for their firearms. With shootings happening in public places like movie theaters, workplaces, and schools, it is no wonder than people are having a renewed zeal to be able to carry a gun on their person.

Concealed carry isn’t just about wanting to carry a gun in public and try to look cool. For many people it is about self defense, and You just never know if you might be caught in a situation where you may have to shoot to protect yourself, your family, and even strangers from harm. Here are a few of the ways you can carry your gun out of sight, but definitely within reach.

Appendix Carry

This is a fairly common carry method for many reasons. You actually carry the gun in the waistband of your pants. It gives you easy access to your gun while walking or standing, and you can do this with your shirt tucked in or left untucked. You can also wear your gun this way while driving, and while sitting. If you get the weapon positioned correctly, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. This is also a good carry position if you want to carry a larger style pistol or handgun.

Hip Carry

This is the common carry position for many law enforcement and military personnel use, and the common carry position of the cowboy. A lot of people use it because it is very easy to reach and draw your gun, and put it back in the holster. Also, you can easily cover your gun with a shirt or jacket, and never draw attention to it unless you bend over. You can also safely wear your weapon while driving in this position, too.

Small of the Back Carry

This is another very easy to use carry position if you are on your feet a lot. It is not an unnatural move to reach behind for the gun when it is carried this way. There are a few disadvantages to this method, though, that might discourage you from using it in certain situations. You can’t drive with your gun back there, or tuck a shirt in. If you wanted to wear a backpack this method would also be out. If someone were to grab you from behind then your secret would probably be out, and you would not be able to grab your weapon. Also, if you bend over while carrying in this way, it’s a giveaway, too.

These are three of the most common concealed carry methods out there. You can also carry around your ankle, in a purse or fanny pack, or in your pocket. Any or all of these would work in a variety of situations, you just need to find the one that is right for you. You may find that some methods are more natural or comfortable than others, so it make take trial and error until you are confident.

Which concealed carry method do you prefer?

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