The Best Protective Gear for Target Practice

If you are wanting some time at the gun range or you plan to do some target shooting in the backyard, you want to invest in some good protective gear to help keep you safe. There is a lot of gear out there and it can be difficult to find stuff you need that is comfortable enough to wear for target practice. My family has tried a lot of gear over the years and we have also found a lot of gear that just didn’t work. So today I want to show you some of the gear that I really like in hopes that you can find some items that will work for you too. Here are 7 protective gear pieces that are the best of the best.

  1. Honeywell Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs

honeywell impact sport earmuffs

Protecting your ears from the loud sounds of gunfire is key. You want to use some ear muffs that will guard them from sound and from any flying debris. These earmuffs are comfortable, easy to adjust, and more budget friendly than some of the others out there. These are great for someone who goes to the range a lot, but doesn’t have $200 to spend on ear protection.

  1. Wiley-X Eyewear Valor Safety Glasses

wiley x eyewear

Eye protection is so important when using firearms. It is paramount that you have some good safety glasses that will shield your eyes from debris and the sun. These glasses do both very well. They are a little expensive if you are on a tight budget, but come with three tints of lenses – orange, clear, and grey, and offer UV protection too. If you care for them properly, they will last you a long time!

  1. Howard Leight Foam Ear Plugs

howard leight foam ear plugs

A very budget friendly option for ear protection, these ear plugs are made of soft foam and will still muffle sound. Some people don’t like the feel of bulky ear muffs, so they opt to use this type of ear protection instead. These are great if you want something that is disposable, since they can be tossed after each use. This is a bonus if you are shooting with friends and don’t like to share earmuffs. Also, you can get them with a cord, too, so they can hang around your neck.

  1. Browning Junior Range Kit

browning junior range kit

If you have a young marksman in your family or on your Christmas list, this set makes a great gift. It comes with ear muffs and a set of protective glasses. I like it because the two key items you need for the gun range come in one set, and it is a budget friendly starter set. Young shooters will love it because it is gear just like the grownups, but sized to fit smaller heads.

  1. Oakley Standard Issue US Flag Microclear Storage Bag

storage bag

You need a good protective case for your eye wear, and this one from Oakley fits the bill. It is lightweight, and it also works as a cleaning cloth. I love products that are multipurpose, so this one is awesome. Plus, it has a US flag pattern, so you can show your love of the USA at the same time.

  1. Brownell’s Range Day Safety Kit

range day safety kit

This is another great “starter kit” pack that is perfect for new hunters or those learning to shoot. It has ear muffs, protective glasses, and cleaning wipes that will get off gun powder residue and any oils or dirt left on your hands after a day at the range. It would make a great gift for anyone who is interested in learning to shoot or for that marksman on your list who is hard to buy for.

  1. Radians Shift Interchangeable Lens Shooting Glasses

radians shift glasses

This is another set of protective eye wear that has interchangeable lenses. Being able to interchange the lenses is great for people who don’t like the standard orange or grey lenses that come in many sets of shooting glasses, especially if they shoot in all different settings. This pair gives you five color options which should have you ready for all kinds of shooting experiences.

These are just some of the great products out there that will improve your target practice experiences. By having the right protective gear, you will be able to focus more on shooting and becoming a better marksman. What is your favorite must-have gear for target practice?

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