How to Avoid Ticks

As a kid I can remember always being warned about ticks. I can recall when my dad would pull ticks off of our dogs. Sometimes they would be in their ears and other times they would be on their bellies. The ticks would swell up huge. I had no idea that they would simply drink blood until they exploded. Ticks are not only nasty looking boogers, but they are harmful as well.

A few years ago our daughter became violently ill. It started off as a regular virus, or so we thought. Then after a few days her temperature spiked. It went all the way to 106. We were frightened and very panicked. The doctors looked through all the books and they were stumped. Then, finally, they were able to determine that she had Rocky Mountain spotted fever. This is a tick disease that she must have picked up from the woods around our home.

Being able to avoid ticks is now more important than ever for our family and so we have been looking for the best types of prevention. I wanted to share some of the strategies we are using this summer. Keep in mind that these are basic, common sense solutions. Here we go.

Wear Bright Colors

While the bright colored clothing does not scare the ticks and it will not keep them off of you, it will help you to spot them quickly. Ticks are small and black and they are very distinct. You will be able to see them crawling on bright colors and you would then be able to sweep them off.

Wear Long Pants

While the summer heat might not be the best thing when you are wearing jeans, it is also a great way to keep your legs from picking up the pests. Long pants will help you better protect your legs.

Wear Sneakers or Boots

Sandals are a favorite in summer but sometimes you need the full protection of a good shoe or boot. Your feet are always in contact with the ground and they are the first areas that a tick will crawl on. Keep them covered if possible.

Seal Your Sleeves and Pants Legs With Duct Tape

If you are in a heavily wooded area or if you have to trounce through very tall grass then you might need to use duct tape. The tape is used on the bottom of your pants to seal them up. You can also seal the sleeves of a shirt the same way.

Always Wear Insect Repellant

It is always best to try and use a product that has more than 20% DEET if you are in an area with a lot of ticks. These are not the cheapest and it can be hard to find. Some worry about health risks of DEET, but after my daughter’s dangerous bout with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, we choose the strongest insect repellant when walking through the woods.

Douse the Yard With Lime

Ticks hate lime. We spread lime all over the yard now since our daughter had her scare. Just follow the instructions on the bags and let the product work for you.

The main thing to remember is that ticks are always around. Just take the time to look over your body every time you are about to take a bath or shower. Especially take the time to look through yours and your family’s hair. It could save your life. What are some things you do to avoid ticks in the summer months?

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