Avoid These Common Mistakes to Keep Your Home Safe

Your home should be your personal refuge. It is the one spot you can always go when you need a safe place to rest and recover. If your home doesn’t feel like a safe place, you and your family can suffer mentally, physically, emotionally and even financially. This is even more apparent when a home is left unprotected. The sad truth is that homes are burglarized every single day. In many cases, the break-ins could have been avoided if the homeowners had used a little caution and some common sense. Don’t be careless with your property or you could pay a high price. Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid if you want to keep your home safe.

Spare Key Under The Welcome Mat

Almost every house you visit has a mat by the front door. A welcome mat is a great way to say hello to those visiting your home. It is perfect for cleaning your feet before you go inside. But it is NOT the best place the stash your spare house key. This is likely the first place an intruder will look when trying to find a way into your home. Don’t give him that opportunity.

Warning Signs

Many homeowners post signs that warn potential trespassers to stay out. While it seems like a great way to deter intruders, it isn’t fool proof.  Just because you have a sign, whether it be a sign to warn visitors of the dog or that you have a security system, it is not enough to keep your home safe. This is especially true if the burglar in your neighborhood keeps watch to see if you really do have a dog that could do damage to someone breaking into your home.

Fake Yard Decor

A lot of homeowners go out and buy decorative key holders to put in their yard. You can find all kinds of key holders disguised as rocks, garden gnomes, or sprinklers. They even sell thermostats that look completely normal, but in reality they are just another place to hide a set of keys. Just like a doormat, they are not a good idea if you want to keep your home secure. Intruders know what these key holders look like and will quickly spot them in your yard.

So what are you supposed to do to keep your home safe? Here are some ideas that are much more helpful.

Actually buy a dog. If you want to keep a sign in your yard or window that warns of a dog, at least back it up with a real dog in the house. If you aren’t a dog person and don’t want to or can’t take care of an animal skip this tip, but it is a good option for many households. If you are getting a dog purely for security keep that in mind when choosing a pet. But also remember that most dogs will want to protect their home from intruders. Dogs are territorial by nature, so you can almost guarantee that any dog will start barking to let you know if someone is trying to get in or has already gotten into your home.

Keys can be buried for quick access. If you want to have access to a key in case you get locked out of your home, there are ways to make sure you know where to find the key, but not make it obvious to everyone who walks by your home. Find a spot in the ground to bury a key, preferably within a flower bed, and no one will be the wiser.

Invest in a Security System. The best way for you and your family to feel secure in your home is to have a good electronic security system installed. These systems are able to monitor your entire home and alert you if there is a problem. If someone tries to get in, an alarm will go off which has two purposes. First of all, the homeowners will hear the alarm, but secondly, it may convince the intruder to give up and leave the home. Another benefit is that a message will be send directly to the alarm company or to the local police.

Keep your Travel Plans Private. With all of the social media outlets on the Internet today it is hard for people to not talk about where they are going and all of details of their trip. But if you want to make sure that your home stays safe while you are gone, avoid sharing such details on social media. When burglars know you will be gone, your home will become an easy target.

In the end, use common sense when choosing items to keep your home and family safe. If the security accessory you are looking to buy seems too easy to use, then it probably is going to be easy for burglars to use as well. Remember how important the safety of your family is to you when considering a budget for home security. A security system may cost more than a fake plastic rock or a sign, but isn’t the cost worth it when it comes to peace of mind?

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