Avoid These Common Mistakes When You Buy Your First Gun

If you are considering buying a firearm for the first time you are probably full of questions. Shopping for a gun can be an overwhelming process if you do not go into the process well informed. Its a good idea to talk to gun owners, shooting range employees, and do lots of research before making your purchase. Here are some things to avoid when buying a gun for the first time.

Not Enough Training

You should never buy (or shoot, for that matter) a gun without being properly trained in how to safely handle and fire a gun. Many gun stores and shooting ranges will offer gun safety courses that are open to anyone, not just prospective buyers. A gun safety class is a good idea for everyone in the family. Some places also offer hunter safety courses that will go over gun use, too. While you may not be an expert shot when you first bring the gun home, plan to take plenty of practice shots at the firing range with the help of an instructor to become familiar and confident with your new gun. If you are planning to purchase more than one firearm in different styles, they will operate differently, so you will need to be trained in how to use every gun type that you have. Owning a gun is a serious responsibility; so being safe when using one is paramount.

Lack of Knowledge About Gun Laws

Gun laws seem to be changing all the time. One of the most responsible things a gun owner can do aside from learning how to use their gun, is knowing the local, state, and federal laws surrounding gun ownership. Familiarize yourself with these regulations and make it a point to be aware of any changes that go into effect. If you are required by your state to carry documentation showing ownership of your gun, it is crucial that you abide by this. Keep it in your wallet and keep a copy in your gun safe as well.

Storing Your Guns Incorrectly

If you are going to own a gun, you need to be prepared to store and care for it properly. Guns are an investment, and you dont want to give them shoddy care. Gun safety, especially in a home where there are children, is so so important. Guns should always be kept in a locked case, unloaded when not in use. Additionally, you should store your ammunition in a separate place from the gun for safety reasons. If you decide to keep your gun out, either wear it on your person or keep it in a place where only you can reach it if needed.

Using the Wrong Ammo

Another component to good gun care and safe gun use is to always use the correct ammunition. Many people make the mistake of using the incompatible bullets or rounds in their gun, which can cause it not to work properly, or not work at all. It could also cause dangerous misfires that could result in significant injuries. A gun specialist is a good resource to help you choose and purchase the correct ammunition for your firearm.

These are just some of the things you should keep in mind as you choose and learn about your new gun. You shouldnt be afraid of your gun, and knowing how to use it correctly is crucial to being confident with it. Can you think of other mistakes that new gun owners should look out for?

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