Why You Should Be Attending Gun Shows

Gun shows are really a prepper’s paradise. You can scope out the latest firearms and talk to people that share a common interest in protecting their families and communities. The media would like to portray these events as nothing more than a bunch of hayseed rednecks coming together to compare their personal assault weapons. The reality is much different.

Many of the visitors to gun and knife shows are some of the finest members of society. When you visit a gun show, you will encounter a lot of diverse people: farmers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and civic leaders. These events are safe and they offer some of the best information and tools in the world. I could write a book on the information I have learned from attending local gun shows! If you’ve never attended one of these events in your area, you are really missing out. Here are a few of the reasons why you should be attending gun shows on a regular basis.

First and foremost, gun shows offer the widest selection of guns in the world. Now you could easily get online and find all the guns you could ever want. You could purchase them online and never leave your home. But you would not be able to hold the gun before you bought it and you would not be able to ask the questions that are burning in your mind. Gun shows are great because you have the option of learning about the gun before you actually purchase it. Further, you can talk to people that have a lot of experience with firearms and get some valuable information on the weapons that you plan to purchase.

I am sure you recall the shooting incident in December of 2012. After that mass shooting, guns and ammo became almost impossible to find. There were real fears that the government was going to ban certain rifles and that you would not be able to buy the ammo you needed for those guns. Thankfully the local gun shows were still able to provide the ammunition and the guns. While the prices were much higher, they still had the merchandise.

There are several things that I like to look for when I visit these shows. I am always looking for another rifle and another pistol. I shop for guns like most women shop for shoes! I am also looking for more ammunition. This is a common mistake that some preppers make. They spend all of their time and energy stockpiling food and weapons but yet they fail to stock up on the ammunition for those weapons. Your guns are no use to you if you do not have a good supply of ammo.

Gun shows are the best place to find a wide range of ammo at fair prices. Even the hard to find .223 and 5.56 is usually available. Not only do they have these specific calibers, but they carry a range of manufacturers. The prices are reasonable and the supply is abundant. Even a common round like the .22LR can be hard to find in certain stores. Thankfully this ammunition is available at these shows as well.

I also like to check out the knife section. This is an underutilized tool in the preppers supply pile. The knife is a tool that has many purposes. Not only is the knife a great defense weapon but it is also a great utility tool to have available. Knives are great for skinning, cutting, sawing, removing screws, removing door casing, etc. You should ad survival knives to your bug out bags and your overall stockpile. I like to search through the knife section at local gun shows to see what kind of specialty knives I can find. I am a fan of the automatic open knifes and I’ve found that gun shows are the best place to find them.

Finally, I am always looking for cool survival gear. Many people are not aware that these shows often offer prepper items such as industrial grade sleeping bags, bullet proof vests, gas masks, night vision goggles, and much more. You will find that many vendors are former military personnel. Finding discounted military gear is great for any prepper and it should be one of the items that you are looking to add to your stash.

Ultimately, gun shows are a great place to locate hard to find ammunition and guns. It is also a great place to find a good deal. Just to give you an idea, I was able to buy an AR-15 and a 12-gauge pump shotgun for only $800 at the last show I attended. Now that is a ridiculous price and it is not always going to happen, but boy was that a great deal! If one of these shows is close to you then you need to take the time to visit. You will not be disappointed!

Have you ever attended a local gun show? What was your favorite part of the event?

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