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If you are gathering items for a SHTF or an EOTWAWKI scenario, you are probably thinking about food, water, survival gear, and first aid/medical supplies. Have you considered which firearms you should have on hand, too? Most people don’t like to think about using a gun, but the truth is, you need one in your survival kit. You might have to use one for hunting, but in a worst case event, you may have to use one to defend yourself, or those in your family.

Many preppers have the popular models, like the 22 rifle, or the 9mm handgun in their stockpile. Some even have higher power ones, like the AR-15 or AK-47. But there is one rifle that if you don’t already have it, you should definitely consider, and that is the air pellet rifle.

First, you should know that there is a difference in the air pellet rifle and the “Airsoft” rifles on the market. You want to purchase the air pellet rifle, and not the other styles, since they often have to have gas or electricity to help release the ammunition, and that’s something you may not have readily available in an emergency. The air pellet rifle is a perfect addition to your collection, and here are a some of the reasons why you need it.


Basic beginner models are fairly inexpensive, so it is easier on the budget than some of the other rifles out there. You can find air rifles at a lot of sporting goods stores and many online retailers, so they are not hard to find. Ammunition is really inexpensive, too! You can get 1000 rounds for about the cost of 2 movie tickets. Also, you don’t typically see a shortage of ammo for air pellet rifles, which is a good thing.


It can weigh less than a real rifle, which is good if a child or smaller adult needs to use it. This is also a good transitional gun to help the inexperienced get more comfortable with target practice.


You can’t put a silencer on a real rifle, but you can make one for your air rifle. That said, you need to adhere to the ATF’s guidelines for this, so you don’t risk getting into trouble with the law.

Good for Beginners

The air rifle is a good starter firearm for kids, which is fantastic option for teaching kids to shoot, and for showing them all about gun safety. A note here – everyone old enough to shoot should go through a gun safety course, and take some practice time at a shooting range, or have some target practice at home. Practice will help build confidence in using the gun in both calm and emergency situations.

Hunt Small Game

A pellet-style firearm, like the air rifle is also very useful for shooting small game. If you had to hunt for food, this would be a good weapon to take along if you are aiming for birds, rabbits, or squirrels.

As you can see this is definitely a purchase you should consider for your emergency stash. It could be one of the most vital pieces of survival equipment you buy!

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