5 Reasons Why Every Prepper Needs a Gas Mask

As preppers, we should always keep an eye on what is happening in the world around us. By keeping tabs on current events, we can be better prepared for upcoming emergencies and make our plans accordingly. Allow me to give you an example. Just last summer the world watched as the Syrians started gassing people left and right. This made me think about what we would do if gasses and chemical warfare ever bombarded us.

Because of that scenario I am now the proud owner of several gas masks. I happen to think that every prepper should have these in his or her supply pile. Here are 5 simple and basic reasons why you should add a gas mask to your preps.

  1. Eye Protection

When you face chemical warfare, your lungs aren’t the only thing at risk. You could also have permanent damage to your eyes. Whether you are facing mustard gas, tear gas, or another chemical, the effects on your vision could mean the difference between life and death. This is a horrible thing to consider and would not even dare wish this on my worst enemy. Many of the newer gas masks offer eye protection so you can protect your eyes as well as your lungs against chemical weapons.

  1. Lung Protection

The power of the chemical warfare is in the effects it has on your breathing. While the chemicals can create issues for eyes and skin, the real power is in the ability to stop breathing. If you can guard your lungs then why wouldn’t you? Gas masks will help you breath as well as keeping the gasses away from your lungs.

  1. Guard Against Illness

What if the major SHTF scenario is a killer superbug? If there were some kind of pandemic going around the world, a gas mask would be the best way to avoid it. It will guard your eyes and lungs and make it almost impossible for the bacteria or illness to enter your body. In the event that you think a paper mask will work, remember that these were designed to keep YOU from spreading the germs and not the other way around. They are pointless and useless in stopping a pandemic.

  1. Nuclear Fallout Protection

If you happen to be around a nuclear facility that has melted own or if you are surviving after a nuclear explosion, the gas mask might be a good way to avoid breathing in the fallout that will come. That mask could safe you from the potential dangers of poisoning.

  1. Avoid Smoke Inhalation

Preppers usually focus on large scale disasters, but sometimes the more common emergencies can do the most damage. A perfect example of this is the common house fire. Imagine how much easier it would be to escape a house fire, or any other smoky situations, if you had a gas mask. The mask will allow you to breath well and keep moving.

These are not rocket science reasons but they are solid and real. Take the time to have a few of these masks. They are not super expensive and they might save your life. Have you added gas masks to your preps yet?

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