5 Common Mistakes of Gun Owners

Guns have been in the media for all the wrong reasons lately. The debate continues to rage regarding the need for large caliber weapons and magazines that hold large numbers of rounds. The reality is that there is always a reason for the message that is portrayed on the television. The media hates guns and gun owners and politicians are trying there hardest to make gun ownership a thing of the past.

The issues with many guns are not the guns themselves but the owners of the guns. Most issues occur because a gun was not stored properly or the owner simply did not understand how to use the gun. Regardless of the issues that are currently raging, Americans still have the Second Amendment right to own a gun. Since we still have this right it is important that we highlight a few issues that many gun owners are facing. Here are 5 common mistakes that gun owners make.

1. Improper Storage

All guns have the ability to become a dangerous weapon. Make no mistake; a gun is only dangerous when a dangerous person is using it. A gun cannot fire itself and a gun cannot murder people. Only dangerous people create dangerous situations. One of the more deadly issues that gun owners make is to keep their guns in poor places. A gun should never be left out in the open. A gun should never be left in a place where children can access it. A gun should always be stored in a gun cabinet, gun safe, or high in a closet out of the reach of children. Further, it is a good idea to keep a trigger lock on your guns when they are not being used.

2. Wrong Ammunition Size

One of the more popular guns is the AR-15. Several different companies offer this type of gun but they all do the same thing. The AR style gun is a long-range weapon. While this rifle is used for many different purposes, the majority of people are choosing to use this gun for home defense. Most AR-15’s will use a .223 round however there are some that can shoot a 5.56 round. This is just an example of the issues that you could face when trying to buy ammunition. BE sure that you are aware of the proper ammunition that your gun takes. If your gun is not equipped to shoot a 5.56 round, you can seriously damage your gun. The same could be said for many other guns.

3. Failure to Register

Gun registration is not something that you look forward to but it is something that needs to be done. While you might not like the idea of being logged into a database of gun owners, the reality is that you need to abide by the laws. Failing to do so can lead to serious issues regarding the law and it could cost you money, time, and your weapon.

4. Lack of Education

A majority of homes do have guns. In those homes you are bound to find children. The biggest mistake that many gun owners make is that they fail to properly educate their children on the potential dangers of a gun. Many parents will recoil at the idea of allowing your children to touch a gun, however this is a great way for them to learn about the gun. Always take the time to educate your children about your guns. Always be present when the gun is out and always make sure that the gun is not loaded. Allowing your kids to see the gun and to ask questions about the gun will make it easier to protect your children from potential hazards. If the gun is hidden away, the kids are more likely to go looking for it out of curiosity. Educate them on proper gun safety.

5. Unprepared For Emergencies

Another common mistake that gun owners make is not being prepared. What are they not prepared for? What good is a gun if you cannot shoot it? Ammunition is getting harder and harder to find. Some rounds are being priced so high that the average family cannot buy them. Always make sure that you have a sufficient stock of the proper ammunition for your guns. You do not want to end up in a situation where you have a gun but no bullets.

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2 comments on «5 Common Mistakes of Gun Owners»

  1. daniel m bagley says:

    Registering your weapon is a back hand way of circumventing the 2nd amendment and is unconstitutional.

  2. Joe says:

    Gun Registration isn’t needed in every state though. So there isn’t always a need to do it.

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