5 Common Concealed Carry Mistakes To Avoid

The number of people practicing concealed carry in this country is growing rapidly. Many people are feeling the need to carry a gun on their person or in their bag. This also means that there are lot of newbies to the concealed carry world, and with newbies can come rookie mistakes. Here are 5 of the most common concealed carry mistakes you want to avoid.

Carrying Illegally

This is probably the most important one, because the laws regarding concealed carry will vary from state to state, and sometimes you may even find that concealed carry friendliness will vary between cities and even between businesses. The first and most crucial thing you can do is to meet the proper requirements to practice concealed carry, and keep documentation showing that you are legal both on your person and in your vehicle at all times.

Lack of Training

This is another common mistake that many rookies make. They get a gun, and don’t attend a gun safety class or get trained in how to shoot and care for their weapon. This is not good. If you are planning to concealed carry, you absolutely need to know how to correctly use and care for your gun, as well as how to properly wear it. Target practice and gun handling practice is both important and essential to concealed carry working for you.

Wearing the Wrong Holster

Choosing the right holster is another crucial step in doing the concealed carry well. You may have to try different kinds (shoulder, hip, leg) to find the one that works best for you. You may also find that you prefer different holsters for different settings. I would advise being fitted for your holster versus buying one blind. If you holster is not fitted right, or you are not comfortable with it, then you’re going to pick at it and mess with it all the time, which will draw attention to you.

Playing with Your Gun or Holster

Along with wearing the wrong size holster, constantly toying with your gun or your holster is going to be distracting, and shows you aren’t comfortable with it, not to mention will make you nervous about the gun should you actually have to pull it out and use it. Another thing people do (especially if you hip carry) is fool with their shirt making sure their gun is covered or adjust their vest… all kinds of things to draw unwanted notice to you (and essentially your firearm).

Not Taking Advice

If you are going to concealed carry a gun, one of the best things you can do is talk to others who have done it. These people, especially those who have done it for some time, will have very valuable advice to offer you. You would be wise to take them up on it, and not dismiss it as you begin your own experimenting with carrying a weapon. They can offer suggestions on different holster brands, styles of carry, or places to go and target shoot. They will also be able to point you in the direction of carry-friendly establishments.

Do you have any mistakes you have made while using concealed carry? What could you add to this list?

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