10 Ways to Customize Your AR-15

People don’t like to think about having to use a gun to protect their family but the truth is, in a post-disaster or survival situation, you may be forced to do so. Other than firearm training, making custom adjustments to your gun is something else to consider. After all, you want to be comfortable using your gun, and there are many things you can do to make it work best for you. One of those guns that can handle lots of upgrades is the AR-15.

An AR-15 is a lethal but still legal way to protect your home and family.  It has gotten a lot of press (and a lot of it negative) after recent mass shootings, but it is one of the most widely purchased rifles on the market. If you have an AR-15, you should know that it is fully customizable. Here are just some of the things you can change about it to make it your own unique firearm. Another bonus is that many of these changes and upgrades can be done on your own so you don’t have to pay a gunsmith to do them!

1. The Grip

This is one of the first upgrades that a lot of people will look at because you want a handle that is comfortable and easy to grasp. Many experts recommend getting an ergonomic handle over the standard issue grip that comes on the gun.

2. Texture

Aside from getting a new grip, you might also consider adding texture to the grip to help keep it from slipping in your hand if your palms are sweating. There are lots of DIY texture patterns you can pick from.

3. Lights

Some will want to add night vision or other types of illuminating tools to the gun for a variety of reasons. If you do night hunting, or find yourself on a night watch in a survival situation, you want to be as well protected as you can. Having night vision installed on your weapon could just save your life.

4. Barrel

The barrel is another part you can customize. You can change the barrel length, cartridge chamber, even the twist on the bullets as they come out of the chamber. This is one that you want to go high quality on. Do not choose a cheap upgrade or you will regret it.

5. Trigger

This is one upgrade you probably want to consider as there are many different variations on trigger upgrades and customizations. You want to trigger to be comfortable and easy to use so that when you need to fire, your rifle is reliable.

6. Optics  

Depending on what you plan to do with the gun, just like with the lighting your optics upgrades are going to vary based on your purposes. This is another area you don’t want to go cheap. Invest in a good scope and it could dramatically change your marksmanship!

7. Hand Guard

The hand guard is another upgrade that weapons experts would recommend as it can allow you to add features like laser pointers or night vision.

8. Stock Upgrade

If you aren’t sure where to start with upgrades, go with stock upgrade options. The manufacturer can update your AR-15 to fit your build and desired comfort when using the weapon. Custom fit on the stock will make it more comfortable to use and make you a more confident shooter.

9. Charging Handle

Upgrading the charging handle is a small change than can make a huge impact on your AR-15. It will change how the gun feels in your hand and change it a little aesthetically too. You need to be comfortable handling your gun or your aim will suffer.

10. Sights

Adding a custom sight to your weapon is key. Obviously, if you are defending your family with a weapon you’ll want to be able to aim accurately, and having a good quality sight on your gun can help with that even if you are shooting towards a fast moving target or something far in the distance.

If you do decide to upgrade your gun, talk to others who have done different customizations on their own and see what brands and types of upgrades they recommend. You can find lots of videos online about how to make these upgrades yourself. Your local firearms dealer can also offer a lot of suggestions and help too.

What are your favorite AR-15 upgrades?

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