10 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Home Security

Home security is important and many people are willing to spend a lot of money to insure their family stays safe. Some people depend on gated communities, personal firearms, or even expensive home alarm systems. The simple truth is that there is no sure fire way to stop a thief. As the saying goes, a lock only keeps out an honest thief. While you might have plans of using your weapons or even vicious dogs, there are some steps you can take that will add security to your home, family, and your preps without breaking the bank.

  1. Light Timers

We all know that the most inviting homes for a burglar are the homes that are dark and appear empty. While Hollywood has made a fortune off of movies that showcase the violence f home invaders, most thieves are not interested in fighting. They do not want a confrontation and they certainly do not want you to be home. A simple timer can be added to your home for as little as 12 dollars. This timer can turn your lights on and off, multiple times, while you are away. This gives the appearance that someone is home.

  1. Maintain Your Lawn

I am all too familiar with how easy it can be to mow the front yard and forget the back or the side. But did you know that these unkempt areas are a draw to potential invaders? When a yard is left untrimmed it can signal that you are not in a particular portion of your yard very often. This lets thieves know they might be able to find an entry point in this area.

  1. Maintain Your Landscapes

Just like your lawn your hedges and other bushes need to be kept regularly. When they are left shaggy it signifies that you are not paying attention to this area of your yard. Plus, when the bushes are well kept you will be able to notice if someone has been walking through them or around them.

  1. Reinforce Doors

Forceable entry is the most common method for people to enter your home. to help combat this issue you can purchase door jamb enforces from places like Lowes or Home Depot. They will set you back about 50 dollars but they will make your door almost impossible to kick in.

  1. Use Wooden Dowels In Sliding Doors and Windows

A door or window that slides open is a very easy target for a would be thief. These doors and windows do have locks but they can be opened if the intruder pulls hard enough. The best way around this issue is to place wooden rods or dowels in the tracks of these windows/doors. This will make it impossible for the window or door to open if you have not removed the dowel.

  1. Put Up Blinds

Every window in your home needs to have blinds. While some people are not huge fans of the blind option, they are the best way to keep prying eyes from seeing everything you have to offer. Plus, if the windows are able to be looked through then the potential thief could find what they want and even plan their entry/exit.

  1. Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors are great for outdoor lighting. They simply turn on the lights when something breaks the beam of the sensor. It is a great way to keep thieves away. Be aware however that animals can trip the sensor. Some find this annoying but you can be the judge of that.

  1. Lock Your Ladders Inside

It is common for people to leave their ladders outside. However this only makes the job of the robber a little easier. Always make sure your ladders are properly secured inside.

  1. Don’t Leave Keys Outside

Too many people have hide-a-key stones in their flowerbeds. Most people are well aware of this and they know where to look. The best option is to never leave a spare key outside. Never.

  1. Use Fake Cameras

If you can afford the real thing then by all means go for it. However most people cannot afford the high tech security cameras. If you install a few fake cameras on your home you will give the impression that you have a high tech, high dollar alarm system and thieves will be more likely to stay away.

What are some other things your family does to insure home security?

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