What To Do When You Suspect SHTF Is Imminent

You can’t always predict when disaster will strike. In a perfect world, we would know exactly what was coming our way and have plenty of time to get prepared for it, or at least be as prepared as we could be for a disaster. It rarely works like that. However, there are some times when you can get some advance warning, or just have a feeling that something is about to go down. When those times come, there are some preparations that can be made to face the impending situation.

If you haven’t already started preparations for a disaster, or for when the SHTF, do it now. You can start stockpiling food and water, and build bug out bags fairly quickly and inexpensively. You can also make sure you have a well-stocked first aid and emergency supply kit in your home, as well as in all your vehicles. So, if you get that little voice telling you that something is headed your way, you will already have a head start on being prepared. Here are some of the things you can do ahead of time when you sense that SHTF is coming.

Bug Out Bags Always Ready

Have your bug out bags ready to grab and go or go ahead and put them in the car. Check to make sure everything in them is fresh, working, and ready for use. The last thing you want is to have dead flashlight batteries or expired food in your bag when you need them.

Fill Up Gas Tanks

I am notorious for waiting to get gas until the last possible minute. This is something you don’t want to happen if a disaster is looming. Fill up your vehicle gas tanks and it wouldn’t hurt to have a spare gas can or two filled up at home in case you need more gasoline.

Have an Escape Plan

Sometimes in the event of SHTF or a natural disaster like an earthquake or a flood, you may not be able to travel your usual routes to and from your home. In these situations you need to have backup routes to get you to your destination. Everyone in your home should know these routes.

Arrange a Family Meeting Point

If you and your family are in separate locations when disaster strikes, you should arrange ahead of time to meet at a safe location as soon as you can.

Get Some Cash

Most people don’t keep lots of cash on hand, but it’s probably a good idea to visit the ATM and pull out some cash before disaster strikes. If banks are not accessible after the SHTF, then you may be dependent on cash for awhile.

Stay Home

If you don’t have to leave your home in a SHTF scenario, don’t. Your home is your command center, where all of your food and emergency preps are, and it’s where you are most comfortable and the most confident. If you can stay home, or venture out very little, that is ideal.

Stay Calm

Getting panicked or out of sorts won’t do you any good, and it will make the rest of your family on edge as well. Keeping a level head and being calm will help everyone else to feel at ease, and you will be better equipped to make sound decisions.

What tips would you suggest for someone who feels that SHTF is coming?

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