The Most Vital Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

We all would like to think that we would do what it takes to survive in a SHTF situation. There are some survival skills that you can learn ahead of a disaster so that you can be as prepared as possible for different scenarios. Here are five vital skills you should start learning now, so you will have them when you need them.

Cooking From Scratch

This is a valuable skill any time, not just in an emergency. Not only is cooking from scratch usually healthier, being able to prepare meals using pantry staples and basic foods will be a huge asset if you face a time when you don’t have many modern cooking conveniences or processed/pre-cooked foods available. If you can follow a recipe, you can cook from scratch. If you have a family member or friend who frequently cooks from scratch, have them to give you some tips and recipes. Don’t start with things that are too difficult, start small. Learn basic things, like baking your own bread and how to make various soups and main dishes. One thing you can do is create Pinterest boards of scratch recipes for every meal. Attempt to try at least one new one each week (possibly more), to get a good base rotation of meals for your family. You can even make double portions of things like soups and casseroles and freeze them for later use.

First Aid and Lifesaving Skills

In an emergency, you never know what kinds of situations you may face. It is prudent to be able to treat minor illnesses and injuries on your own, as a doctor may not always be readily accessible or available. Every adult and teen in your home should take a basic first aid and CPR course to become certified. This will be an invaluable asset for the entire family. In addition, you should have a well stocked and easily accessible first aid kit that has everything from bandages and pain relievers to a variety of over the counter medications and ice packs and a first aid manual.

Gun Safety and Shooting Accuracy

Knowing how to safely handle a firearm is of vital importance, whether you are shooting for sport, for food, or to defend yourself and your family. Every adult and teen in your home needs to complete a basic gun safety course and have regular practice at the firing range. Practice will make you a better marksman, no matter what the situation. When guns are not in use, they should be locked up, unloaded, and out of the reach of children, with the ammo stored separately. If you hunt for food, never hunt alone, and always wear reflective clothing. Make sure that guns are kept in good working order to help prevent misfire or accidents.

Water Collection

Ideally, you would have enough water stored on your property before disaster strikes to last your family several weeks. But, sometimes situations catch us off guard so we aren’t as prepared as we would have liked. In this type of scenario, you need know how to locate a water supply. This could be a nearby pond, river, or stream, or even your own backyard pool. Then you need a way to store and collect it, which could be bottles or gallon jugs, of a rain barrel. Another item you need on hand when you collect water than isn’t already fit for consumption, is water purification tablets. Sometimes you can just boil water to make it safe for drinking, or filter it using a cloth, but other times it will need to be chemically purified. Water is essential for survival, so knowing how and where to find it will be a skill you need to know.

Shelter Expertise

If you find yourself stranded in the woods or in need of a place to take cover for survival, you are going to need to know how to build an adequate shelter. This could be as simple as a tarp and bungee cords carried in your bug out bag, or could be a more elaborate structure like a small cabin or hut. You should know how to build a shelter that will keep you protected from the elements, and safe from predators. Knowing how to build a good shelter will also give you a place to rest, and regain your strength. Practice building different types of shelters to try different techniques and to test their durability.

These are just 5 of the very important skills you need to know to best prepare yourself for survival mode. Knowing how to do these, and others will give you an excellent advantage. What are some other skills that you think are highly important for preppers?

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