When Should You Update Your Bug Out Bag?

You pack a bug out bag so that if something happens and you need to leave your home fast you’ll have everything you need to survive until it’s safe for you to return home. Most people don’t give their bug out bag a second thought after they have packed it up. If disaster strikes they people who never checked out their bug out bag will be very sorry. The odds are pretty good that they will find that bad things happened to the bag during the time it was sitting in the closet. It’s possible that the food has cone rancid, mice might have chewed on the bag, or the batteries are all dead. You should check out your bug out bag at least 4 times a year. The best way to make sure this happens is making a notice to check it on each solstices and equinox.

What You’re Checking

Empty the bag and look at all the expiration dates on the food. Even though it’s possible for the food to be good even if the expiration date has passed, since this is your bug out bag, it’s not worth taking a chance. If you’re alone in the wilderness you’re going to want to make sure what little food you have with you is fresh and packed full of nutrition.

While you’re checking out the dates on you food take a look at the dates on the medications you keep in your bug out bag and make sure they are still safe to use.

Examine the Bag

Take a few minutes and go over the bag from top to bottom. You don’t want it to fall apart just when you most need it. Check all the stiches and seams. Make sure the zippers work. Pull it on and make sure it’s still comfortable enough for you wear for several hours you have to. If you see any signs of wear, it’s time to replace the bag.

Test your Batteries

If you have stocked your bug out bag with electronics that are designed to charged via a hand crank or solar power, you are already well on your way to being a true survivor. If you do have things that require batteries, you’ll need to make sure they’re fully charged and that they don’t show any signs of damage. When you pack the batteries into your pack, make sure you do so in such a way that the ends of the batteries don’t touch as this can cause them to drain.


Ammunition is another thing that doesn’t always stay fresh and might need to be replaced. The best way to test your ammo is loading your gun and firing a few bullets at a target. If nothing out of the ordinary happens, the ammo is good. If two bullets misfire, you need to toss that ammo and pick up some new stuff. Ammunition experts suggest that you test your ammo

Is Everything in your Bag Appropriate for You?

As you grow older, you are going to change and so will the items you need to have in your bug out bag. Every few years sit down and makes sure that all the items contained in the bug out bag are things you need and add anything that you now can’t live without, such as new prescription medications. You should put on the bug out bag from time to time and make sure you can still handle it.

Are you in the middle of a move? Your change in location could have an impact on your bug out bag. The times you would need to survive if you needed to bug out while in the city are going to be vastly different from what you would need if you had to survive all alone in a rural area.

You should never think of your bug out bag as a stagnant object. The world is constantly changing and so are you, and with each change you need to evaluate your bug out bag and make change anything that’s no longer appropriate.

What you shouldn’t do when you update your bug out bag is add anything that won’t be absolutely necessary to your survival! Remember, simple is always best and you want your bug out bag to be light weight and easy to carry for long distances.

When is the last time you updated your bug out bag? What did you change?

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    I always make sure to rotate the food but didn’t think about the batteries. Good call!

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