Survival Gear to Grab From Abandoned Cars

If you were in a survival situation where you had to travel on foot, you would look for anything and everything you could use to survive. One of the surprising places you might find survival gear would be an abandoned car. By thinking outside the box you can use these items for other purposes, and they may prove invaluable to you in a time of need. The car could actually serve as a shelter for a short time, if the windows are in tact and the car isn’t too damaged. However, many times you may just have to scavenge for parts.

Remember, what you take in a situation like this you will need to be able to carry – so choose wisely. You don’t want to load yourself down with a lot of heavy items that will be of no use, or only have one purpose. If you aren’t traveling alone – you could distribute the items over several people to increase the number of things you could possibly salvage. Here are six items found in abandoned cars that you can use for survival.


The lid to the hood or trunk of a car can make a great temporary shelter – while not huge, it will cover you enough to get you out of the weather. If you can’t use the abandoned vehicle itself – you could remove the hood or trunk and make a little hideout. Keep the insulation, too – it will help it to regulate the temperature inside your little shelter.

Seat Covers or Carpeting

These could be used to make a bag, cover your shelter, or as a sleeping mat. In a pinch, leather seats could be used to make a belt, or even shoes. They could also provide flooring should you need to make a more permanent shelter.

Random Trunk Items

This could be virtually anything – from battery cables to extra blankets or a tire iron. Anything you see there that could prove useful and you can carry might be worth bringing. The trunk might even have an emergency kit, which would be a treasure trove if you’re in survival mode.


While ripping the wires out of a car doesn’t sound like much fun, those wires could be used for cables, ties, or even to start a fire if you had a car battery. Car wiring could be a valuable tool for someone needing to set up a shelter, or secure a tarp.

Car Doors

These could be used as sleds to pull items that are too heavy to carry on your person or in a backpack. Make sure to carry some sturdy rope or bungee cords in your pack to use as reigns. You could also use them to make a sled to pull children or elderly that might not be able to walk long distance on foot.

Reflectors or Headlights

These can be used as reflectors (like a signal, go figure) or the shards can be used a makeshift knives or cutting tools. Use caution if they are already broken when you find the vehicle, they could be sharp and cause cuts.

Can you think of other items in an abandoned car that could prove useful? What are they?


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