Store Vital Information in an Emergency Notebook

Part of the beauty of prepping is the sheer size and scope of the project at hand. Some will assume, wrongly, that prepping is an easy journey of stockpiling food and water. The reality is much different. Being adequately prepared does not happen by accident and it does not happen without a serious, workable, plan. This leads me to the topic of the day. Do you have an emergency notebook? Odds are that you have most of this information stored in your head or your cell phone, but not in a notebook. If you are relying on electronic ability in an emergency, you are setting yourself up for a hard fall. So what kind of information needs to be in an emergency notebook?

Medical Information

First, your notebook is going to hold information that is vital to your health and well-being. For example, I am deathly allergic to Iodine. I take note of this in my notebook just in case I become incapacitated and someone else is administering medical help. By the way, I keep my notebook on or near me at all times. Your notebook should also contain information on what medications you take, how often, and the proper dosages. You should also include phone numbers to your closest hospital, doctor’s office, dentist, and fire department.

Preparedness Inventory

The emergency notebook is the perfect place to store your preparedness inventory. Create a checklist of food supplies, medical gear, pharmaceuticals, firearms and ammunition, tools, and anything else you plan to hoard for emergencies. As you add each item to your prepper stash, check it off. This gives you an instant look at what you already have and what items you still need to purchase.


Perhaps the most important information would be the names, addresses, and directions to safe houses. In the event that your community is destroyed, wouldn’t it be nice to have an idea on where you could turn for help? Surely you are not planning on allowing the Federal Government to handle your situation, right? Take the time now to make plans for where you will go if you have to leave home quickly. Identify a few locations that would be secure and place a map and detailed directions in your notebook.

First Aid Instructions

Add first aid information to your notebook so you have an instant reference in case you need to do CPR or help someone that is choking. Having this information on hand can save a life and help you recall step-by-step directions when you cannot think clearly in a panic. We also included homeopathic remedies and natural treatment guides for common ailments like respiratory infections, strep throat, and kidney stones. Find information online and print out details of how to conduct common emergency medical procedures such as delivering a child, stitching a wound, removing teeth, and even removing the appendix.

Obviously some of those techniques are very serious, but in a real crisis where technology is no good and communication is down to zero, we are going to be alone. Having this kind of information could help save the life of a friend, neighbor, family member, etc.

Start your emergency notebook today and you can have all the information you need as a prepper in one convenient location.

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