Stockpiling Secrets for Tiny House Preppers

Watch a few episodes on HGTV or DIY and you are sure to find a show dedicated to building or decorating tiny houses. These small living spaces are sometimes on wheels, but they are almost always built to be portable. Tiny houses are not just a niche anymore. This is a legitimate housing boom and many people are starting to find the beauty in having less space. Many have found that they can have much nicer amenities if they have much less space. However there is always a trade off in the housing market. You either pay more for your desires or you settle. In the tiny house market the one area that really suffers is extra storage space. For some people that is not a big deal but for preppers it can be a huge issue.

Tiny houses are actually a growing trend even in the prepping community. As we foresee that an economic crisis is likely just around the corner, many families are choosing to downsize and live on less. With a smaller house, there is less maintenance costs. Plus the tiny homes are easier to take off grid rather than converting a full size stick built home!

Whether you live in a tiny house or a small apartment, you still need to be actively working to build up emergency supplies. So the question becomes how can you prep in a super small area like this? Where can you store your items? Here are a few tips.

  1. Deep Drawers

Don’t limit your preps to closet space. Drawers are a perfect place to store emergency medical supplies, tools, and even food. While you are not going to stock a years worth of food or water in a drawer it can hold more than you might think. Plus drawers make it easy to access your preps because you can slide it out and get a better view of the items hiding in the back.

  1. Under Bed Storage

Under the bed storage is a great idea because this is an area that most homes have and few utilize. This are can offer a tremendous amount of storage, especially for canned foods. If your tiny home has more of a loft than a bed then this could pose a challenge. However you can alleviate the problem by adding a few shelves around the bed in your loft.

  1. Cabinet Tops

The tops of many cabinets are not flush mounted with the ceiling. This means that there is typically 10-14 inch gap of space that is just begging to have something stored there. Dry goods, especially, will store very well in these areas. Line the cabinet tops with your canned foods in pretty glass mason jars and it will look like a decorative touch!

  1. Corners

Some people have opted to try and store items in the corners of their rooms. There is sometimes unused space in these areas and it could be a logical step in the process. Corner unit shelves are a great way to insure that you don’t let any square footage go to waste, even in the smallest of rooms.

Outside The Home Options

If none of these options are workable in your space, then you might consider moving outside the home for your storage solutions. The first option is to rent a storage locker. These lockers range in size from the tiny 8×2 all the way to the huge 20×20. Your budget will decide what you do. Keep in mind that many of these places are not the most secure so you stand a chance of having your items stolen in this situation.

Another option you could consider is actually strong your items under ground. Many people I have met throughout the years have actually taken the time to dig small bunkers on their property. The holes are filled with supplies and they treat the areas similar to a basement.

If this is not an acceptable option then you could always try and stock your car with the preps. You might even consider buying an old truck or especially a van. This would allow you to fill the vehicle with your preps and keep them dry as well.

The simple truth is that you will need some extra space if you want to stockpile food, water, tools, medical supplies, and weapons. However you can still be a prepper in a tiny house if you get creative and figure out how to make your space work for you!

If you are a tiny house prepper, share some of your best tips in the comments. Where do you store all of your supplies?

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