Stock Up On These Crucial Survival Items During Holiday Sales

It’s the holiday season, which is the absolute best time of the year for preppers to add some missing pieces of equipment and supplies to their stockpiles. Thanks to the nonstop holiday sales, you’ll be able to get most of the things you need for a fraction of the regular price! You won’t believe how much money you save. This week as we countdown to Christmas, make a quick shopping run and look for these items.

Holiday Food Staples

Christmas is a perfect time to stockpile some more food supplies at a low price. Most supermarkets run killer deals to attract shoppers who are planning a big family dinner for the holidays. The odds are pretty good that you’ll get a great deal on canned goods, flour, nuts, dried fruits and veggies.

If you have a deep freezer, the holidays offers a chance to stock up on meat at the lowest prices of the year. Even if you don’t have a big freezer available, you can spend a day or two dehydrating the meats, making jerky, or canning some staples to get you through the rest of the year.. Stocking up on all these discounted food supplies right now has the potential to save you thousands of dollars. Look for holiday savings on hams, turkeys, and whole chickens.

Basic Survival Gear

Check out your favorite online or brick and mortar stores and it’s likely you’ll find they’re running some exciting sales on the survival gear you need. This is a great time to stock up on everything from flashlights, to batteries, to survival knives. Not only is this a great time to pick up the axes, hatchets, and compasses you need for your own supply. You can also pick up a few extras and give them to your loved ones so they can start their very own emergency supply cache.


Even if you’re not a big drinker, you should still take advantage of the annual holiday sales on alcohol. When the SHTF you can use the alcohol for large number of things including cooking, cleaning wounds, and bartering for other items. You can store the alcohol you purchase for years and years. Stalk the sales ads and find the best mark downs and add them to your supplies.

Clothes and Linens

Now is also a good time to stock up on things like extra socks, towels, and blankets at a reduced rate. In an effort to draw people into their store, some establishments will actually sell these items at a loss with the hope that they’ll recoup the money on the sale of other items, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from the situation. If you have young children, the holidays are a perfect time to purchase the larger sized clothing items they’re going to need for next year.

Big Ticket Items at Rock Bottom Prices

Christmas sales are a real bargain when you need big-ticket preps like generators and sun ovens. From Thanksgiving through Christmas, watch Amazon for lightening deals on many of these items, creating a way for you to obtain the supplies you need while potentially saving thousands of dollars. Some farming stores, such as Tractor Supply Company will also run good holiday sales on the items homesteaders and preppers need throughout the year.

Now is the perfect window of opportunity to get great deals on extra preps. If you find that your available funds aren’t stretching as far as you like, don’t panic. Purchase as much as you can this year, and spend next year setting aside money so you’ll be able to take advantage of future holiday sales.

When you’re clever and take advantage of sales, you learn that contrary to what some people believe, preparing for a wide assortment of emergency situations doesn’t have to be wildly expensive. In fact, it can actually be done in a budget friendly way.

What is the best Christmas deal you’ve seen on prepping-related gear?

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