What Are You Prepping For?

When you enter into the preparedness lifestyle, there is usually one primary threat that spurs you to embrace this new way of thinking. Maybe you are a practical prepper, focusing on supplies in case of sudden job loss or a family financial emergency. Maybe you watch the evening news and feel really unsettled about foreign affairs so you are prepping in case of nuclear war. Perhaps you live in an area prone to wildfires or tornadoes, so you are prepping just in case disaster hits in your neighborhood. We want to know why preparedness is a priority for your family and what exactly you are prepping for! Here is a closer look at some of the most common reasons that people start prepping.

Economic Collapse

Historically, we can look back at the Great Depression and see how an economic collapse can drastically alter the way people live. Many people fear that we are nearing another age of economic collapse with national debt at an all time high and no practical way to reverse course without sustaining major damage.


Disease epidemics can wipe out entire communities and even in today’s world of modern medicine, some diseases could still pose a dangerous threat. Some preppers fear an outbreak of ebola, cholera, or even the flu. This year’s outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, has sent fear flying around the world as it has already caused more than 170 deaths in 18 countries.

Personal Loss

The vast majority of beginning preppers are focused on personal emergencies. Maybe you choose to stock up on extra food supplies just in case you lose your job. Unemployment is at an all time high and many families are already relying on their stored food supplies to make up for the lower grocery budgets and the rising food costs.

Weather Disasters

Weather related prepping seems to represent a large part of the preparedness community’s motivation. For those that live on major fault lines, earthquakes pose a real threat. Others worry about damaging tornadoes, floods, or wildfires. For families that live on the coast, hurricane preparedness is really a normal part of life. Are you focused on weather disasters as you prep for the unexpected?

Pole Shift

There are some preppers that worry about the earth’s poles shifting, suddenly plunging parts of the earth into another ice age. While a pole shift seems like a scientific improbability, there is real data to support the theory that the earth’s magnetic poles are gradually shifting and an ever increasing rate.

EMP Attack

An electromagnetic pulse could take down the power grid in a matter of seconds. This is not just a matter of science fiction and it has recently caused a stir even among lawmakers in the United States. Activists warn that an EMP would drastically end life as we know it and would result in massive loss of life. This is one of the scariest, yet most realistic scenarios that occupy the attention of many preppers around the world.

Nuclear War

Nuclear weaponry is more advanced than ever before and some of the today’s nuclear warheads could do damage that makes Hiroshima looks like child’s play. With so much political unrest between the nations of the world, a lot of people expect that it’s only a matter of time before nuclear war is inevitable.

What About You? 

Is there one particular threat that you focus on as a prepper? Are you primarily interested in preparedness just to be self-sufficient or do you worry about a major disaster putting your family at risk? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment today and share why you started prepping and what motivates you on this journey.

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About Ms. Prepper

I’m Laura P, aka, Passion Prepper, aka, Storage Prepper! I’ve been homesteading nearly all my life and prepping for the last 6 years. I strongly believe our great country of America was built on self-sufficient families like mine and yours. Politics bores me, learning new stuff, getting outside and living life thrills me.

6 comments on «What Are You Prepping For?»

  1. Maeve Ladd says:

    I’m personally preparing for having to leave my place of residence in a hurry…Your articles are helping me prepare for such an incident!The last time I had no plan,but this time I’ll be prepared!!

  2. BDR says:

    In any case of a disaster happening, whether it be a terrorist attack, a total economic collapse, a dirty bomb, a nuclear war, anything that could disrupt the engineers at the nuclear power plants across the U.S. could pose a threat to safety. So it’s safe to say that I am prepping for anything of that sort. I live 30 minutes away from a nuclear power plant myself, so I plan to bug out and return to the old ways. I’m 17 and unemployed, so I currently can’t budget at the moment, so things are a bit tight when it comes to prepping. I know how to hunt and live off the land a bit. I know what’s safe to eat and what’s not. So I don’t really feel the need to have a large supply of food and water or anything that has a shelf life (Water has an average shelf life of about 3 years) I would urge anyone that is prepping to live far enough away from a nuclear power plant. So I guess you could say I’m prepping for a meltdown of our nuclear facilities. Pretty scary stuff.

  3. Missy says:

    I am not a disaster prepper but I am interested in becoming less dependent on the “easy” things and getting back to the “old” ways of life. I grew up in Alaska and sadly have gotten very lax on my preparedness in life. So since I now live in MO I am re learning all my old ways again. Your articles help a lot with that. Thank you

  4. Shareen says:

    My family are in the beginning stages of the prepping, preparing for anything that may come our way bigger or smaller in size. Natural disasters with us living in Neosho, WI. it is good to always be on our toes, and with our Government being as crooked as it is I want our family to be safe and prepared as can be. With a one person income it seems a bit tough, but any little bit we can do helps!

  5. Demi says:

    We live just outside Plainfield, Illinois, so we’re always super aware of tornados. My husband and I do a 6 month check on our shelter plan and 72 hour survival kits for us and the kids should our house ever be destroyed.

  6. Janie says:

    I keep a healthy amount of food stored because of my husband’s work situation. As a contractor he can sometimes go up to a month while he waits for another job to come through. We’re good with money, so we haven’t had to dip into yet rather than do our normal grocery shopping. It’s nice to know we’re always covered should he ever be out of work longer than we would like him to be. However I wouldn’t say that’s at the fore front of my mind when these days, it feels more like a hobby! Waste not want not, as my Grandmama used to tell me.

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