How to Prep If You Wear Contacts or Glasses

If you’re like me and need your glasses all the time, you have probably often panicked if they got broken or you had to go without them for a period of time. What would you do if your glasses got lost, or you tore a contact lens, and they were vital to you being able to see clearly, either up close or at a distance? Here are some tips for prepping if you need corrective eyewear.

Have Backups

This is probably a given, but if you always have your glasses on, you probably don’t think much about a backup pair. A lot of people hang on to their previous pair of prescription lenses for this reason. If you don’t have a backup pair, next time you buy glasses, consider getting two pair and not just one. This way, you will always have a back up. The same goes for contact lenses. Most people (especially if you wear disposables) just wear one pair until they need new ones. But when you are packing that emergency kit, make sure you have several extra pair of contact lenses, and plenty of solution, too.

Plan for the Future

Even if you don’t need glasses now, chances are you may as you get older. It would be a good idea to purchase several pairs of reading glasses (purchased at the drug store very inexpensively), in varying strengths. Plus these could serve as a backup should your current glasses break. You should also buy some eyeglass repair kits, and lens cleaner, and extra cases. All things you will probably find yourself in need of at some point. If your kids wear glasses or contacts, they will need extra supplies, too. I also read it’s a good plan to buy a strap to help keep your glasses around your neck to lessen the risk of them getting lost. You may also want to consider investing in some prescription sunglasses or a a sunglasses frame that attaches to your regular glasses. This will help protect your eyes from sun damage if you have to wear corrective lenses all the time.

Permanent Solution

If you really don’t want to be dependent on your glasses or contacts, you can look into vision correcting surgery, called LASIK. While it has a really high success rate, and many people have had great results, there are some drawbacks. One, it is pretty expensive. It costs several thousand dollars, and most insurance companies will not pay for it. Also, depending on the age you are when you have it done, your eyes could change again as you age, and you would either have to go back to glasses/contacts, or have it done again. No one really wants to have a surgery repeated, but it does occur more often than you might think. However, if those risks don’t concern you and you can spare the cash, by all means go for it!

Being able to see well is a huge help in a crisis. You never know what close up tasks you might have to do, or if you have to scout over a long distance, you want your vision to be as good as it can be. What steps have you taken to prep with glasses or contacts?

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