Plan Ahead Before You Bug Out With Kids

In our family, having a workable bug out plan is a major part of prepping. We spend a lot of time talking about being prepared for the unthinkable and making sure that we have a plan in place. We are sticklers for making sure everyone has adequate bug out bags and that all bags have the proper items in them. These are things most preppers consider, but there might be one aspect of bugging out that you still need to think through.

When it comes to bugging out we often think about the cars or trucks we might need. We think about the places we would go and we even think about the food and water we would bring along. But have you ever stopped to consider that the biggest issue we need to prepare for is the children?

Bugging out with adults is going to be hard all on its own but when you add kids into the mix it will become a lot harder. If you are bugging out to a far away place it could be even more serious. Several years ago we started planning for a series of events that could lead to a need to relocate. The most terrifying of these events would have been the detonation of an EMP. This would render all electronics useless and would also fry almost every car there is. Transportation would be archaic at best. At that time we lived several hours away from family and friends and we realized we would have to walk most of the way. Could we have managed this with small kids?

Issues like these might seem crazy and it might even seem like useless apocalyptic banter. However these issues are not as far-fetched as you might think. And while it might be interesting to argue the finer points of who did what and when, the ultimate question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you are prepared to bug out with your kids or not. So with that in mind here are a few things to keep in mind about bugging out with kids.

  1. Fear

Kids can automatically sense when things are not normal or right. They understand when things go bad. And while they might not have the same understanding as you they also have a heightened sense of awareness and fear. The first thing you need to do when preparing to bug out with your kids is to teach them from an early age that this is a worst case scenario and that if you ever have to use the materials they will be ok. Assurance is what they seek and that is what you, as a parent, need to give them. Make sure that you teach your kids what bugging out is all about and why you are being prepared for this type of event.

  1. Ability

In most cases that call for bugging out, your kids will simply pile into the truck/car and the family will be on their way. But what if a situation arises that demands you and your family walk? Are you ready for this? Have you made preparations for this? You will need to make sure that you have the right supplies such as a tent or even a few sleeping bags. Kids will not be able to maneuver as fast and they will not be able to move as long as you can. Make sure that you are preparing for this type of situation as well. This is one of the reasons that we exercise as a family. While exercising is a great way to start a healthy life it is also a great way to get our family used to strenuous work.

  1. Medication

If you have children that require medical supplies you need to be stocking up on these items now. It is never a bad idea to have a surplus of items such as inhalers, Benadryl, zyrtec, or any other type of medication that they might need. These are the kinds of items that many people overlook.

  1. Supplies

Do you have items such as a stroller or a baby carrier? Have you taken the time to make sure you have proper blankets or formula? The smaller the kids are, the harder it will be to bug out. Take the time now to have a plan.

  1. Variables

Weather could be a major factor in your bug out. Wind speed could determine a lot about what you do and where you go. The direction that you travel could also be influential. These are the kind of steps you need to be looking at. Always make sure you have a pre-planned route. It is also a good idea to have several other routes in case something goes wrong. In essence…you can never be too prepared.

What are some steps you are taking to be prepared to bug out with kids?

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